Product Details

Stereo Electro-Optical Limiter

Since the early 1990’s, the Manley ELOP® stereo electro-optical limiter has been a tracking hero - effortlessly controlling dynamics on countless records around the globe and delivering the coveted classic, all-tube sound for which Manley Labs is known. This LA-2A type unit allows for deep amounts of limiting without loss of high frequencies: it literally works (and sounds) like a changing volume control. The original was super easy to use, with supremely natural sound, and has often been the perfect choice for superstar vocals.

Technical Specification
Input impedance:14 kOhms
Maximum input level:+18dBu or 4.8V RMS @ 0.01% THD
Output impedance:150 Ohms
Frequency Response:-0.15dB @ 10Hz, -0.1dB @ 20KHz
Bypass mode:Signal goes thru ALL-TUBE audio path (Bypasses limiter) this is not a “hardwire bypass”
Unity Gain:Set Input Attenuator @ 1
Maximum Gain:13 dB
Operating mains voltage:90 to 254 VAC (internal universal power supply)
Mains voltage Frequency:50-60 Hz
Power consumption:26 Watts
Dimensions:(w,d,h) 19" x 7 x 3 1⁄2" (occupies 2u)
Unit weight:9.5 Ib
Shipping weight:10 Ib