Product Details

Single channel preamplifier/DI

The m101 delivers the kind of high fidelity performance previously available only to big budget recording studios and Grammy winning musicians.

Technical Specification
GAIN RANGE (5dB steps) Mic input 10-65dB Hi-Z input -10-45dB Output trim control 0 to +10dB THD+N @ 20dB Gain +20dBu out <0.00085% @ 40dB Gain +20dBu out <0.0010% @ 60dB Gain +20dBu out <0.0050% INTERMODULATION DISTORTION @ 40dB Gain +20dBu out SMPTE/DIN 4:1 7kHz/50Hz <0.0020 NOISE - REFERRED TO INPUT 50Ω source <-130dB 150Ω source <-128dB 600Ω source <-124dB CMRR 100Hz >68dB 1kHz >75dB 10kHz >65dB PHASE DEVIATION (HPF off) 50Hz-25kHz <6° FREQUENCY RESPONSE Mic input @ 40dB Gain -3dB 4.5Hz-390kHz Mic input @ 40dB Gain -0.5dB 10.5Hz-140kHz Hi-Z input @ 20dB Gain -3dB 2.5Hz-195kHz Hi-Z input @ 20dB Gain -0.5dB 6Hz-74kHz IMPEDANCE Mic input 8.1kΩ Mic input, Ribbon mode 20kΩ Hi-Z input (unbalanced) 1MΩ Hi-Z input (balanced) 2MΩ Balanced Output 300Ω Unbalanced Output 150Ω PEAK LED METER Green threshold -14dBu Red threshold +16dBu MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL 100k Ohm load, 0.1% THD +25dBu WEIGHT and DIMENSIONS 2.4 lbs H1.7” x W8.5” x D9.0” 1.09 kg H4.3cm x W21.6cm x D22.8cm POWER CONSUMPTION 100-240VAC 5 Watts Max all specifications subject to change without notice.