Product Details

Four Channel Mic Preamp

4-channel Tube Mic Preamp with Mic and DI Inputs, LED Peak Meter, HPF, Polarity Invert, and Phantom Power (Per Channel)

Product Details
Killer Mic Pre. Times Four.
The Manley Force Quad Mic Preamp uses a topology based on Manley's CORE mic pre section. It sports the same input level control and switch arrangement (minus one mic/line input). It also borrows the CORE's mic input transformer and 12AX7 vacuum tube gain stage. The main technical difference between the two units is the MOSFET White Follower, new to Manley. It also employs the same Entrodev switched mode PSU as the CORE.

Manley Force Quad Mic Preamp Features:
  • Four-channel mic preamp
  • Features per channel:
  • Microphone Input (XLR)
  • hi-Z Instrument Direct Input (TRS)
  • 7-LED Peak Level Meter
  • Main Output (XLR)
  • Microphone Pre selectable gain switch 40dB or 50dB
  • 60dB available via internal jumper
  • 120Hz Highpass Filter switch
  • Polarity Invert switch
  • 48V Phantom power switch
  • Input Level Attenuator (Variable Pad)
  • Manley Microphone Input Transformer
  • Class A Vacuum Tube Gain Stage
  • MOSFET White Follower output stage
  • Warm-up mute timer circuit
  • 2U rackmount chassis
  • Front panel power LED (flashing during start-up)
  • Front panel push button power switch

Technical Specification
Preamp TypeTube
Number of Channels4
Phantom PowerYes
Analog Inputs4 x 1/4", 4 x XLR
Analog Outputs4 x XLR
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
Rack Spaces2U
Weight8.6 lbs.