Product Details

Active 2-way monitor with built in DSP amp, 5.5" LF, pair

Two-way, active reference monitor with a 140mm (5.5") LF driver, and a 27mm soft dome HF tweeter featuring:• ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) bass loading technology• Powerful DSP engine running at up to 192kHz• Balanced analogue XLR input• Balanced and unbalanced digital XLR and phono inputs• Class-D amplification• Sold as a pair in left/right configurations

Product Details
The twotwo series combines PMC’s world-class design pedigree with sophisticated digital signal processing and active amplification to create a range of stunningly accurate, versatile, and compact two-way reference grade monitors. The twotwo.5 is a dependable, high-resolution monitor, which is ideal for situations where space is at a premium but quality must not be compromised such as in outside broadcast vehicles, small radio on-air studios and television sound control galleries, project music studios, post-production suites and for A&R evaluations.

Astonishing resolution and neutrality is provided by sophisticated DSP, dual power amplifiers, PMC’s new 27mm tweeter and a 140mm (5.5”) bass unit, all housed within a carefully specified ATL™ labyrinth cabinet. This delivers class-leading depth of bass for the cabinet size, while retaining dynamics and musicality. A feature unique to twotwo monitors is that they can be used in vertical or horizontal orientation without impacting stereo imaging or tonal accuracy.
Technical Specification
Type Active 2-way, near-field reference monitor
Usable frequency response 50Hz - 25kHz
Maximum SPL 111dB @1metre
Effective ATLTM length 1.5m (4.92ft)
Crossover frequencies 1.8kHz
Drive unit complement LF 140mm (5.5”) PMC driver
Amplifier power LF 150Wrms, HF 50Wrms
Analogue I/O Balanced analogue XLR, unbalanced RCA/phono
Digital I/O AES3 digital XLR, (left/right channel selectable)
Digital sample rate 32 -192kHz, 24-bit via internal sample rate converter
Analogue input sensitivity Adjustable +4dB to +20dBu
User Equalisation LF shelf +/-4dB @500Hz,
Mains Power IEC connector. 90-132 / 180-264V AC auto-sensing
Cabinet dimensions H 296mm W 155mm D 295mm
Weight 5.4kg each
Available finishes Black Blue
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