Product Details
Pro Tools HDX Core with Pro Tools | Ultimate

Pro Tools HDX Core with Pro Tools | Ultimate

Pro Tools HDX Core PCIe Card with Pro Tools | Ultimate Software

Product Details
The Pro Tools|HDX system represents a milestone in Avid's development of DSP-accelerated hardware, delivering up to 5x more DSP per card, over 1,000 dB of additional headroom, and up to 4x more tracks and 2x more I/O compared to its Pro Tools|HD Accel predecessor. The Pro Tools|HDX system enables you to mix bigger, more complex productions, with the rock-solid performance and stability that you've come to expect from Pro Tools|HD. And as your needs grow, you can scale the system to increase track counts, power, and I/O, using up to three Pro Tools|HDX cards and multiple Pro Tools HD Series interfaces.
With this addition to the Pro Tools|HD family, you now have two powerful system choices. Choose Pro Tools|HD Native if you need the advanced workflows and sound quality of Pro Tools HD software, but want to leverage your host computer to get the best performance and lowest latency. Or choose the new flagship DSP-accelerated Pro Tools|HDX system if you require consistent peak performance and near-zero latency to handle extremely large and complex productions. Regardless of which you choose, both systems provide the highest performance, lowest latency, and greatest sound quality available for the most demanding audio post and music production professionals.
A gigantic leap in sound and speed—now just a small step away
When you’re faced with dozens of audio sources, hundreds of tracks, and thousands of clips, only one system can give you the power to deliver. Pro Tools | HDX. And now it's even easier to bring HDX into your workflow, thanks to its new lower price. Create bigger, better sounding mixes. Get up to 5x more power than previous generations. And tackle the most massive music and post-production projects with the confidence that comes with guaranteed performance. And with Pro Tools | Ultimate (formerly Pro Tools | HD) software at its core, you have the most powerful, creative, and efficient DAW to deliver your best work ever, in the highest sound quality possible.
Need to record a 100-piece orchestra or mix a soundtrack with thousands of clips. Pro Tools | HDX delivers the dedicated DSP and Pro Tools | Ultimate software essential for handling such demanding sessions. Work with up to 256 audio tracks with a single card system or up to 768 audio tracks with three cards. Mix up to 192 ins and outs. Get the power to run volumes more plugins. And take on projects of any size and scope with complete confidence.
Capture and play back performances in the absolute highest audio fidelity, with complete sound transparency. Simply add your choice of one or more premium Pro Tools | HD series audio interfaces to your core system. Record analog and digital sources in pristine sound clarity with the fully customizable HD I/O. Track, mix, and monitor up to 7.1 surround with the all-in-one HD OMNI. And capture great-sounding vocal and instrument performances through Pro Tools | PRE.
Whether you’re looking to upgrade your entire studio or replace an existing audio workstation, Pro Tools | HDX is an easy fit. Connect the system into any MADI-enabled broadcast, post-production, or live sound environment through HD MADI. Control multiple Pro Tools | HD systems from a single transport with the included Satellite Link. And keep Pro Tools | HDX and all other digital devices connected to it in perfect sync with SYNC HD.
Power your sound with the tools that power the industry. With Pro Tools | Ultimate software included, you can create, edit, and mix the most demanding music and soundtrack projects. Record audio at up to 192 kHz, 32-bit floating point resolution. Compose with virtual instruments, MIDI, and notation tools. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Edit with precision. Work with HD video. Accelerate mixing with advanced automation. And deliver the best sounding mixes possible faster.
Technical Specification
System requirements: Avid-qualified PCIe-enabled Mac or Windows-based computer
Simultaneous Voices: 256 (up to 768 total)
Audio Tracks (sample rate of 48/96/192 kHz respectively): 256/128/64 (up to 768 total)
Latency (96kHZ sample rate/64-sample buffer): 0.7 ms
Instrument Tracks: 256
MIDI Tracks: 512
Aux Tracks: 512
Busses: unlimited (Pro Tools 12.2 and up)
Channels of I/O: 64 (up to 192 total)
Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC): 16,383 samples
Processing Depth: 32-bit floating point
Mixer Depth: 64-bit floating point
DSP Power: 18 x 350 MHz processors (T1)