Product Details
SX-ST series

Modular mixing console with 8 mix buses, 4 Auxes

The SX-ST is a compact, easily transportable, self-contained mixing console providing 8-12 input channels and many professional features including 8 mix and 4 aux buses. The strong, rugged and compact anodised aluminium chassis combines with high perfomance, lower power audio cicuitry making it the perfect choice of professionals in mobile and studio applications.

Product Details
The SX-ST series mixers are available in three different chassis sizes:
- SX-ST8D: up to 8 input modules and one additional slot for the optional Digital module ( A/D Converter or Internal Recorder.
- SX-ST10: up to 10 input modules, or 9 input modules and one digital module.
- SX-ST12: up to 12 input modules, or 11 input modules and one digital module.
The SX-ST8D and SX-ST10 are available either as "Standard" version or as "Compact" version:
- "Standard" version: is built with a removable battery compartment on the front, the console can be powered from this battery compartment and from an external DC supply. Extra battery compartment can be ordered separately for a quick exchange when a production is in progress.
- "Compact" version:does not hold the battery compartment, thus it is reduced in depth offering a smaller foot print. The console can only be powered from an external DC supply.
NOTE: The SX-ST12 is only available as "Compact" version.

• Compact and modular construction
• Choices of housing and configurations to meet the each user's needs and requirements.
• High quality components without compromise.
• Electronically balanced, transformer-less inputs and outputs.
• Very wide bandwidth ranging from 10Hz to over 200kHz, and high overall dynamic perfectly suitable for SACD and the latest generation A/D converters.
• Extremely low noise microphone preamplifiers with large gain range, using "semi discrete" technology.
• 48V Phantom power, polarity reversal and individual limiter on each input module.
• Progressive LF Cut and 3 band semi-parametric equalizer.
• Direct channels outputs internally configurable Pre-EQ, Post-EQ or Post-Fader.
• 8 mix busses individually assignable Pre-Fader / Post-Pan or Post-Fader / Post-Pan.
• 4 Auxiliaries busses individually assignable Pre-Fader or Post-Fader.
• Double 5 Led's peak meters showing both Pre and Post fader level.
• 8 Master groups with Slate and return's re-injection facilities.
• Triple Monitoring section with 2 Private Line for communication.
• Large scale level-meter switch able as level meter and phase correlation meter
• Optional high resolution Analogue to Digital converter.
• Optional internal 8 track recorder on Hard disk and CF Card.
• Powering by internal batteries or any external DC supply from 11 to 18VDC ( SX-ST only).
• Low power consumption, light weight and small foot print.
Technical Specification
Frequency response 10Hz to 200kHz ± 0.5dB
Equivalent input noise -128dBu ( 22Hz to 22kHz - 150Ω source @ 60dB gain )
Input gain Fixed Steps 60dB 48dB 36dB 24dB 12dB 0dB
Input gain Fine ±20dB from CAL Position ( 40dB end to end )
Fader gain selectable +12dB or +24dB
Overall gain range fader @ 0dB, - 20dB to +80dB
Overall dynamic range 128dB
Input headroom 24 dB (when gain potentiometer is at CAL position)
Crosstalk between 2 channels better than 100dB 10Hz to 1kHz
Overall harmonic distortion THD+N < 0.01 %
Main Level meters moving coil Peak Meters IEC-268-10 type 1 ( factory default )
Overload indication turns all leds ON 6dB before clipping
Led level reading accuracy ±0.1dB for 0dB
Nominal output level +6dBu or +4dBu (internally selectable)
- Standard version with battery holder
SX-ST8D (l*w*h) 409 mm x 437 mm x 74 mm, 7.93 kg (without batteries)
SX-ST10 (l*w*h) 445 mm x 437 mm x 74 mm
- Compact version without battery holder
SX-ST8D-C (l*w*h) 409 mm x 376 mm x 74 mm, 7.18kg
SX-ST10-C (l*w*h) 445 mm x 376 mm x 74 mm
SX-ST12-C (l*w*h) 518 mm x 376 mm x 74mm, approx 10kg