Product Details

Two-way, active reference monitor with a 170mm (6.5") doped natural fibre LF driver, and a 27mm soft dome HF tweeter featuring: • D-Fins HF driver surround • ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) bass loading technology• Balanced analogue XLR input• High-power, low distortion amplification

Product Details
The result6 provides a gateway to PMC and the huge benefits of ATL™ technology - the proprietary bass-loading system at the heart of all PMC designs. This active two-way reference monitor offers all the attributes for which PMC is world-renowned: high resolution and detail, accuracy, extended bass, consistent tonal balance at all levels, and wide dispersion and sweet spot. With an emphasis on elegant simplicity, this is a compact nearfield that allows you to work faster and more confidently.

There are no overly complex DSP-based user options or room profiles; instead, the result6 achieves its characteristically neutral, dependable PMC reference sound solely on the strength of its engineering. With twin low-distortion, (HF 65W, LF 100W) amps the result6 is devoted to getting you the best sounding results in the shortest possible time.

D-Fins create a bigger, more detailed stereo image
PMC engineered the distinctive, finned HF driver surround — known on the result6 as D-Fins — to deliver major sonic benefits by creating a larger, more detailed stereo image. The design widens the stereo sweet spot (which is already generous, in keeping with other PMC designs) and results is an excellent off-axis response over a wider area. The D-Fins also eradicate the cabinet edge effects, ensuring high-frequency sound remains razor-sharp and unsmeared. This means that you have greater freedom to change your position as you work without adversely affecting what you hear, and that the frequency response of the speakers is flat and natural-sounding.

ATL provides sonically superior bass
PMC’s unique ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) places the bass driver near one end of a long tunnel (the Advanced Transmission Line), which is heavily damped with acoustic material carefully specified to absorb the upper bass and higher frequencies radiating from the rear of the bass driver. The lowest frequencies are allowed to pass down the line and emerge from the front vent in the same polarity as the bass unit’s output, so that the vent acts like a second LF driver

Technical Specification
Type Active 2-way, near-field reference monitor
Usable frequency response 45Hz - 22kHz
Maximum SPL 112dB @1metre
Effective ATLTM length 1.5m (4.92ft)
Crossover frequencies 2kHz
Drive unit complement LF 140mm (5.5”) doped natural fiber cone
Amplifier power LF 100Wrms, HF 65Wrms
Analogue I/O Balanced analogue XLR
Gain Trim -10dB to +10dB
Input impedance >8kΩ
User Equalisation LF shelf +/-4dB @500Hz,
Mains Power IEC connector. 90-260V AC auto-sensing
Cabinet dimensions H 380mm W 199mm D 360mm
Weight 8kg each
Available finishes Black grey