Product Details

Passive 2-way on-wall/ceiling mount monitor, 5.5" LF, pc, white

Two-way, passive on-wall monitor with 140mm (5.5") LF driver and two 27mm soft dome HF tweeters featuring:• TT Technology™• Stealth Baffle™• H-Line ATL™• white colour standard (black available as an option)

Product Details
The waferTM series is ideal for stereo or all channels of a surround system, especially the height channels in a immersive audio setup due to their low profile dimensions. They have been engineered with an identical tonal balance and similar dispersion characteristics to all PMC models, thereby any combination will afford seamless integration and a perfect audio picture.

Features unique to waferTM
• Discreet & stylish - easy to place in any location
• Natural, dynamic, high resolution sound quality
• Supreme bass performance - Rich deep bass at all volume levels
• Combines flawlessly with the large PMC range
• Whole room coverage - Wide dispersion
• Efficient - Easy to drive
• Perfect horizontal & vertical performance
• High frequency control - (+, FLAT, -)
• Image steering - directs sound toward the listener
• Untainted, clear projected sound using SteathBaffleTM
• Trouble-free installation - Adjustable mounting hardware

Unlike standard loudspeaker designs the waferTM is not compromised when it is rotated. Using switchable Twin Tweeters its performance is perfect in vertical or horizontal modes, allowing an identical model to be used for both upright and low profile centre channels.

Image Steering
The ‘Beam-up’ function uses the twin tweeter arrangement to steer the image toward the listening position.
This is highly effective when either placed very high or low and especially when the wafer-iwTM is used in-ceiling in a surround sound configuration

Supreme bass performance at all levels
waferTM use PMC’s H-Line ATLTM technology making them sound clean, clear and rich at all volume levels.

Untainted, clear projected sound using SteathBaffleTM
Standard in-wall and on-wall designs are compromised when sound is reflected by the large surface area of their front baffle that surrounds the drive units. This detrimental effect is similar to the change in sound when cupping your hands around your mouth whilst speaking. PMC’s acoustic specialists have developed a unique, structured, absorbent surface that prevents unwanted reflected sound waves. The drive units are free to produce concentrated pure, untainted audio directly into the listening space.
Technical Specification
Type Passive 2-way, on-wall monitor
Frequency Response 50Hz-25kHz
Impedance 8 Ohms
sensitivity 90dB 1w 1m
Drive unit complement LF 140mm (5.5”)
Input Connectors 1 pair 4mm sockets
Cabinet dimensions 500mm (19.7") H x 235mm (9.3") W x 100mm (4")
Cabinet with grille 514mm (20.24") H x 265mm (10.43") W x 108mm (4.25")
Weight 5kg (11lbs)
Available Finishes White Satin RAL 9016, Black Satin RAL 9005