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dB Technologies INGENIA at JunTian Guqin Academy

Guqin is one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments. The instrument was played since ancient times and is often referred to as the ‘Father of Chinese music’.  JunTian Guqin Academy was founded in 2009 by Jun Tian Fang, an organisation that focuses on Guqin education and preservation. Jun Tian Fang has been awarded the ‘National Intangible Culture Heritage Protection Research Base’ and ‘National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base’ by the government.

As a carrier of Chinese traditional culture, Guqin integrates into the teaching of oriental music aesthetics, life aesthetics, and even Eastern philosophy. JunTian hopes that through the learning of Guqin techniques, one could improve their self-cultivation and state of mind. This will lead to a love-oriented attitude to life: love for nature, love for the environment and love for the long term health of mankind!

The INGENIA series embodies a longtime experience in acoustics, mechanics, power electronics and DSP programming, combined with talent and intuition in order to create an unprecedented active speaker: compact, modular, flyable, user-friendly and incredibly smart.

INGENIA is not a simple active speaker, not a column system, not a conventional line source system. INGENIA is simply INGENIA: a new way of thinking about sound reinforcement systems for all kind of applications. INGENIA series utilizes CEC Horn Technology with built in Digipro® G3 amp technology. The INGENIA IG4T speakers were installed on each side of the stage at the JunTian Guqin Academy, and give coverage of 110° horizontally and 70° vertically - a perfect match for the room.