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The Audio System for the People’s Liberation Army 90 Anniversary Parade

30th July 2017, Inner Mongolia – 2 days ahead of the PLA’s (People’s Liberation Army) 90th founding anniversary, 12,000 soldiers in battle gear assembled at the Zhurihe Training Base for the first-ever parade to mark the anniversary of the Army. It was also the first military parade in 36 years outside the city of Beijing. President Xi Jinping came to the base and gave an important speech on the event.  

The military parade had very high requirements for its audio systems. A reliable professional audio reinforcement team was needed from the initial installation to the actual event. DMT (Digital Media Technology), together with Beijing AOTEV were honored to be selected as the main technical support for the mixing consoles. DMT, the leading pro audio solution company in China, built its reputation in the industry by working with CCTV Chinese New Year Gala for 12 years. The company also provided technical support for the Chinese 70th Anniversary Victory Parade in 2015.
Two SSL LIVE L500 were used for the PA system
DMT staff was on site for technical assurance

The foundation of modern digital sound system is the reliability of its digital mixing console. The Solid State Logic Live L500 console was chosen for the job for this exact reason, it is a extremely reliable product and had a long history of success in the industry. The PLA military parade utilised two L500 consoles, one as primary and one as backup. Both systems were used for the event’s PA systems and for the production of international broadcast.