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TAKE KONTROL Native Instruments held product launch with DMT in Beijing

On 22nd November, 2014, Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd.(DMT) and Native Instruments held a product launch with Beijing Aoweitech Technologies Co., Ltd and Shadowplay in Beijing DADA Club.Invited to the party was a Native Instruments product specialist, NI Traktor performance artists, NI Chinese dealers, as well as famous music producers and professional media

Native Instrument’s fans were very excited when veteran Australian musician DJ Mike Vera, and Shen Lijia, Chinese new star of electronic music, as well as our old friend, NI’s contracted finger drum artist DJ WhyBeatz showed up in the party. They introduced and presented NI’s latest products including the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES keyboard and TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 DJ controller. All the people were hit by a wave of electronic music.
The party began with a welcome speech delivered by Mr. Darren Dai, technical sales manager at DMT Musical and Educational Department. He welcomed all the guests and introduced the flow of the party.
DJ Mike Vera from Australia had a quiet face, yet he kicked out the party with his enthusiastic performance. The whole venue was warmed up by his exciting show.
After that, Mike presented the innovative Traktor S8 DJ controller and his most favorite features. According to him, the S8 seamlessly integrates the best features of many different controllers and by replacing the jog wheel with a touch strip, the S8 would become the new standard in the DJ controller market.
Shen Lijia, new star of Chinese electronic music Shen graduated from the Physics Department of Beijing University. He is good at designing recording and mixing rooms and in 2011, he released an album named “Electro House EP Dumb Plants” and formed his own Punk Band “YanTiao”
Shen presented KONTROL S-SERIES keyboards
Shen explained and presented KONTROL S-SERIES Keyboards to the audience
Highlights of KONTROL S-SERIES Keyboards
Unparalleled integration with KOMPLETE 10 and KOMPLETE 10 ULTIMATE
Supreme-quality Fatar keybed gives superior feel over competing keyboards and high quality encoders offer total control of all key software parameters
Light GuideTM key illumination and Clear View display deliver a unique visual perspective on the creative process
Create arpeggiated melodies at the touch of a button, play chords with single keys or map the whole keyrange to scales
The Komplete Kontrol S series are the coolest keyboards of 2014 and caught the eye of many musicians right after launching. Native Instruments established a solid position in the DJ market via Traktor and its related hardware, then they launched a series of audio interfaces and control pads, now Native Instruments began to enter the keyboard market with the unique Komplete Kontrol S series.
Native Instruments contracted artist—finger drum player DJ-WhyBeatz.
DJ WhyBeatz represents the new generation of Chinese DJing and is the entertainment director of Vics Club & Plus Lounge. Graduating from the Capital Normal University, DJ WhyBeatz has excellent finger drumming technique, and is a leading figure in the Chinese finger drum area.
DJ WhyBeatz is using S8 DJ controller 
WhyBeatz got the Traktor S8 only two days before the launch party. He rehearsed the show with his friends for two days and his performance shocked all the audience.
About TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 DJ controller
TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 – a 4-channel stand-alone mixer, professional audio interface, and enhanced performance decks for ultimate control over the included TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO software. Touch-sensitive controls and high-res displays deliver DJ workflow that is truly cutting-edge. Highlights
Touch-sensitive controls and full color displays keep you focused on the music and the crowd. 
Create your signature sound with 4+4 Remix Deck controls.
Enhance your DJ performance with color-coded pads for live remixing. 
TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 redefines DJing – don’t change the game, change the rules
DMT’s Native Instruments dealer for the North of China, Beijing Aoweitech Technologies Co., Ltd, held a Kontrol S-series limited promotion on site and all the keyboards were immediately sold out.
KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES keyboards and TRAKTOR KONTROL S8 DJ controller are now available in the Chinese market. Please contact DMT, Native Instruments’ distributor in greater China, for further information.