Market News

- Novel dereberberation technology steered by multi-step linear prediction algorithm
- Symple operation by a big reduction knob
- Spectrogram and audio envelope display
- Additional process to for dialogue, that enable finely-turned dereveberation
   (Attack Suppression, Release Suppression)
- Noise separation and remix
----    Reverb Reduction plug-in for Pro Tools
----    World-first plug-in for speech dereverberation!

Revolutionary solution for dialogue post production
Imagine your are at the location site, but....
- impossible to clamp pin microphone
- Long distance between target and boom microphone due to the matter of the camera position
- No microphone available except for the camera microphone
In case of recording at meeting room or corridor on above situation, it is very hard to clean up dialog sound on post production stage.
NML RevCon-RR is an Audio Suite plug-in that reduces reverberation and makes dilogue sound very clearas if the microphone is guided closer to the target.
This is the most complete and the only solution for dereverberation on the market.
Additional parameters for making dialogue sound clearer and more natural

Attack Suppression & Release Suppression
NML RevCon-RR has additional parameters for further suppressing reverberation in local time region. These parameters are effective to make dialog sound much clearer.
Noise Separation & Remix
In many cases, the base noise is very important for post production work, while the noise is sometimes detrimental to the dereverberation process.
 So NML RevCon-RR first separates noise from original sound for more accurate dereverberation and remixes separated noise sound again to keep sound image with original base noise sound.
On this stage, you would see that the dereverberated sound
often has lower volume level compared to the original.
To coordinate the best ballanced total sound, NML RevCon-RR can adjust remix noise level.

- Audio Suite  plug-in
- Pro Tools|HD/LE/M-powered version 7 or later
Mac OSX 10.4 or later, Windows xp/VISTA