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Ingenia at Pepperdine University

Last August at the Pepperdine University, Malibu California the New Student Orientation event was held.
Due to the structure of the venue, the absence of rigging structure and the necessity of a system that could fit both a speech and a live band, it was a challenging event.
The rental company AV Professional choose the IG4T which best suited their need as the downward articulated horn pattern (70% down over 20%up) allowed for smooth and even frequency response in the voice band throughout the audience area, whilst keeping unneeded splash off the roof of the tent.
The speaker system was composed of three IG4T across the front on the S1518N, one IG4T half way back delayed, on the left and right side. It was easily audible out well outside the tent with even spl and frequency coverage.  The bands set was powerful and detailed.
The production team of Pepperdine University was very satisfied whit the system and gave a thumbs up as best sound ever for this event.