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FIR Filters for DVA T8 DVAT12 Line Array Systems

Big news for all DVA T users: dBTechnologies releases an updated version of DVA T8 and T12 firmware with FIR filters.
In digital audio domain, FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters operate on frequency response while mantaining a linear phase. dBTechnologies’ R&D developed this new firmware for DVA T8 and DVA T12 in order to linearize phase response as well as to optimize transducers’ crossover, high-frequncies’ compensation and mid-frequencies compensation referred to splay angle between modules.
Thanks to this optional update, DVA T8 and T12 will take advantage of a better high-freq coherence in the array and, consequently, a better sound performance at a distance. Moreover, a linear-phase crossover allows a better coupling between arrayed modules.
In a few words, FIR Filters allow to optimize line array system performance, while keeping DVA T configuration versatility. In facts, you can also upgrade modules of a hybrid DVA T8 + DVA T12 system. All DVA users wishing to upgrade their systems with FIR filters can download dBTechnologies Network at dBTechnologies website. You must log in or create an account to access “My download” section and download the software. Nevertheless, upgrading with FIR filters is optional and you can download and install updated version for dBTechnologies Network avoiding any firmware update. A new version of dBTechnologies Composer is also available at “my download” section. This updated version of dBTechnologies’ prediction software is mandatory if you are using DVA T8 or T12 systems with FIR Filters.
We strongly recommend to read instructions and warnings at dBTechnologies Network product page before upgrading your DVA systems.