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PMC seminar

Beijing—Aug.1, 2014. Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd(DMT) and Professional Monitor Company(PMC) held a seminar named “Monitor Technology applied in Music Production” in the National Grand Theatre.

Top sound engineers, producers, professors, audio professionals joined together to experience the popular and cost-efficient PMC IB2S-A and TwoTwo.6 speakers
PMC’s flat frequency response, transparent and natural, detailed sound made a deep impression on the audience.

Paul O'Farrell Stevens and Danny Hong from PMC shared their experience on loudspeaker audio technologies. They introduced PMC’s history and development as a company as well as how PMC’s unique advanced transmission line (ATL) delivers supreme sound quality to the engineer. 

After the seminar, guests came to the control room of the recording studio of the National Grand Theatre and listened to the pure hand-made PMC monitors. PMC’s sound quality was again highly praised.

About PMC IB2S-A and Twotwo-6
IB2SXBD-A offers the attributes of PMC’s large ATL reference active monitors in a vastly more compact form creating the ideal monitor for high-end reference monitoring and mastering applications.


The twotwo range comprises three models – the twotwo.5, twotwo.6 and twotwo.8 – all designed and built in the UK using state-of-the-art technologies and components. The result is an unrivalled level of clarity, transparency and accuracy for professional compact monitors.