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The Chinese Musical instrument Recording Solution from Denmark- DPA announces CN
 China is an ancient country with over 5000 years of cultural heritage, therefore it consists a large variety of traditional musical instruments. These musical instruments come in different shapes and sizes and they are completely different to the musical instruments in the European countries.
In order to tackle these restraints, a Danish company, DPA, which is the industry’s top professional microphone manufacturer, they came up with a solution after a year long of research and development and also testing with large numbers of experts and musicians, they launched two series of packaged products.
The China National Musical Instrument Microphone Kit (CN10 / SC6) set consists of several DPA high-quality microphones. It is especially suitable for performance groups, leasing companies, musicians and theaters, which mainly use Chinese folk musical instruments. It offers a variety of microphone and accessories options that are specially picked for the Chinese folk music and it is also proven to play almost all the folk music.
Left: SC6 box, right: CN10 suit
CN10 suit:

N10 box display
The CN10 package includes:
• 6 d: vote ™ 4099 gooseneck microphones
• 4 d: screet ™ 4061 microphones
• Related Instrument Microphone Mounting Kit

N10 set all the microphone and accessories
SC6 Set:

C6 box display

SC6 set all the microphone and accessories
SC6 package includes:
• Six d: screet ™ 4061 microphones
• Related Instrument Microphone Mounting Kit
d:screet™ 4061
Apart from the two sets of microphones, this contains a large amount of accessories for the microphone. As we all know, the Chinese musical instruments come in different shapes and varieties, therefore DPA developed a special microphone clip that can be installed in many of these musical instruments. With the aid of this special microphone clip, this can greatly reduce the installation process comparing to the traditional microphones.
 SC6 Accessories Set

The D:vote ™ 4099 microphone is known for its compact size, elegance, and its light weight, however it is very rugged. The versatile gooseneck allows a stable and repeatable positioning, this means that the user can easily remove the microphone and reposition it to other instruments. The mounting system of the microphone is designed to never scratch your instrument.
From the gooseneck to the XLR adapter, there is a detachable, lightweight cable that allows you to attach the microphone to the instrument before connecting the microphone. This extremely flexible cable does not add weight to the instrument.

D:screet ™ 4061 low-sensitivity omni-directional microphones deliver exceptionally clean, detailed and natural sound. The microphone can withstand 144dB peak without clipping, this allows the microphone to pick up these Chinese instruments such as the Chinese drums and other musical instruments with high sound pressure levels.
 The flexible adapter system offers flexibility and simplicity for the user. The advantage of this adapter is that when there is a change in the instrument that you are using, you do not have to spend money on a new microphone, but you only have to replace the adapter. This will also not affect the sound quality. The d: fine ™, d: screet ™ and d: vote ™ microphones are compatible with all major wireless microphone solutions such as Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony and Wisycom. The DPAmicrophone’s adapter system is unique in the industry, the modular system ensures that the sound quality of the microphone will not decrease after years of using.
The DPA gooseneck extension bar is also another option for you to choose from. The standard gooseneck length is 140mm (5.5 in), but the DPA gooseneck can increase the length by 50%, which can help the microphone to reach the best position for some musical instruments, this makes the microphone more ergonomically friendly.
The split cable for the Series 4099 Musical Instrument Microphone can be removed from the gooseneck, this can allow the user to easily attach the microphone to the instrument before connecting the microphone. The microphone comes standard with a 1.6 mm (0.06 in.) Mini-cable that fits on the instrument can be used for personal use. The bold 2.2 mm (0.9 in) cable is ideal for live sound reinforcement. You can select a different cable quality to match the microphone to a specific task.