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Eventide Exploration

At the start of 2016, Eventide had a lot of rumors about new products being launched, but then they all stopped all of a sudden….
This time, we explored the inside of Eventide to check out what their employees are doing.
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After the exploration, we found out that there are a lot of amazing products indeed, here is a brief introduction below:
·      H9000- a revolutionary rack-like effect, it looks like a DSP with UAD, this creates an effect platform inside the rack, the user can also switch from different effects, you can also use four different effects algorithms to
create “super effects”. Eventide believes that this will go beyond any effect plug-in solution there is on the market.
·      Petal- new guitar effect block, it is said that there will be new features, however the new features are unknown.
H9- new sound preset.
·      Fission- new plugin, it is said to be an “architecture plugin”? Is it a multi effects plugin? This new technology is very much worthy to be looking forward to.

In conclusion, we know that Eventide will have many of these new products on the line this year. If anyone is interested, please follow Digital Media Technology for more information in the near future.