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AES 2017: One for the Books

Jack here again, fresh off the boat from the 143rd AES Convention. This was actually my first AES Convention, and I believe this was an excellent one to start with. I’ll definitely be going again in the future. What a blast!

I was very busy at the Eventide booth since there was a constant flow of engineers and artists eager to see what we had in store. Fortunately, there were plenty of my coworkers at the booth, so I had the chance to walk around a bit and check out the other booths at the convention. Every company was here in their best form – Shure, Focusrite, Avid, Genelec and more.

H9000: The Next Generation Effects Processor
This year, Eventide was proud to debut the H9000. People got the chance listen to its swelling reverbs and crystal-clear harmonizers, to learn about FX chains, and discover the kinds of interfacing possibilities it can muster.

People couldn’t believe their ears when we told them the extent of the H9000’s capabilities, and they had to try it for themselves. We had a station set up with a synth and guitar, and our product manager Patrick was busy showing off the new remote control app/plug-in, emote.
EuroDDL - An analog style delay for Eurorack
Guests were also intrigued by the debut of our Euro DDL. We offered a hands-on demo of the product, to the joy of many the modular enthusiast who stopped by. You can find more details about the Euro DDL here.

AES was also the place to test drive our latest plug-ins, Elevate, EQuivocate & UltraTap. A number of attendees mentioned that Elevate has already replaced other mastering plug-ins they had been using. The Elevate introductory sale is about to end. Just saying…
Audio History Library
Eventide is extremely proud of its legacy. Many guests came to our booth telling us that they loved products like the H910, H949, SP2016 and H3000. We were very happy to tell them that we’re continuing our quest for creating exceptional equipment that pushes the boundaries of what FX processing can do for artists in every field. The H9000 is the most powerful unit we have built so far, and it carries the legacy of every product we’ve made in the past 45+ years, either by copying presets in old units or improving upon tried and true formulas.

My favorite moment of the show was when an older gentleman came up to me and, seeing the Omnipressor plug-in at our booth, told me that he still has an original Omnipressor. We talked for a few minutes about his career path; how he had built studios for clients, mixed for artists and was now running audio visual services. The fact that this Omnipressor had accompanied him throughout his career and his life was particularly poignant for me. We’re a company that creates memories for people in all fields and of all walks of creative life, and we’re very happy to constantly be developing products that always further that aim: to continue to take ‘the next step.’
Thank you, AES, for giving us the chance to debut our newest work; and thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth!