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DPA 5006 Decca Tree perfectly captured the live sound of GZ Symphony Orchestra
29th of July - Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra 2016/17 Music Season was drawing to a close. At the Closing Ceremony, conductor YuLong, leading the ensemble, was performing romantic classics in the XingHai Concert Hall. Members of Guangdong Association of Recording Engineers (GDARE), together with other renowned industry experts were there to witness the performance. The team was to give technical analysis and reviews on the event’s live sound on the following day.

Performance: Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: YuLong
Music: Richard Strauss:Also sprach Zarathustra,op.30
The ‘Also sprach Zarathustra’, a piece inspired by nineteenth century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, is full of symbolic imagery. The famous first movement, led by its solemn, sacred trumpet melodies, is said to represent the energy of sunrise.

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor, Op.18
This famous piece by Rachmaninoff was passionate, sincere and energetic, a perfect reflection of the composer’s romantic style.

Sitting comfortably in the audience at Xinghai concert hall, one could perceive the entire dynamics of the orchestra, from whispering vocal solos to thundering percussions, every single detail in music was presented to the audience in its most natural, original form.
How this was achieved was all thanks to the outstanding DPA surround microphone solutions.

DPA Surround Kit employs a five-channel microphone technique, it increases the feeling of presence in a specific acoustic environment, capturing the entire sound field rather than simply presenting the sound sources in the front and the reverb in the surrounds.
Good surround sound requires exceptional microphones with a neutral character and authentic reproduction. They should have a large dynamic and frequency range to optimize high resolution digital formats.
The homogeneity and precise matching of more than two microphones are crucial when recording acoustic surround, separating an average production from a true masterpiece.


5006 Surround Kit consists of five matched transformerless 4006-TL Omnidirectional Microphones as well as five L508 Acoustic Pressure Ball Equalizers. Acoustic Pressure Equalizers alter the frequency response and directional character to the vintage sound of early Decca recordings without adding noise and preserving the clarity, phase, and impulse responses of the DPA microphone
Decca Tree (D3)/Surround Mount (S5)
The DPA Decca Tree (D3) and Surround Mount (S5) are highly versatile and stylish microphone mounts for two, three, or five microphones. The unique building block design of the D3 and S5 mounts provides extreme flexibility to allow the possibility of numerous configurations, while an integrated custom length cable option contributes even more to the product’s visual elegance.

Low profile, Zero compromise
Onstage, the mount is hardly visible and completely non-reflective to light. The mount is equally suitable for fixed installations and mobile setups. It can be packed away into the supplied briefcase for easy transportation. Compact and extremely lightweight, the DPA mount is also very strong and stable.
Although the array is optimized for use with DPA microphones, its standard 5/8” thread can accommodate all microphone holders, allowing a broad variety of surround microphone arrays to be set up very neatly. In the Decca Tree configuration, all three microphones can be spaced 60 – 210 cm (2 – 7 ft) apart, either “in-line”; in a vintage Decca school T-shape; or in an equilateral triangle configuration with centralized thread for optimum balance.

Endless Applications
The modularity of the S5 really comes into its own when configuring surround arrays. Standard arrays like spaced omnis, and Decca Tree with front-mounted omnis and backward-facing cardioids are obvious, and arrays such as OCT2, Hamasaki Square, Fukada Tree, and the DPA speciality WCSA (Wide Cardioid Surround Array) are also possible with the S5. Its elegant, yet unobtrusive qualities, ability to reproduce any array accurately, and limitless possibility for expansion make the S5 an obvious choice.

Organised and Precise
The mounts come with a measuring tape and the unique DPA protractor, making precise distance and angling possible without having large and clumsy devices permanently fixed on the booms.

On the following day, at the GDARE (Guangdong Association of Recording Engineers) Recording Technology Conference, chief recording engineer YangZhen from Xinghai Concert Hall shared his analysis of the aforementioned concert. The excellent performance of DPA’s Surround Kit was highly praised among the experts.


Conference Background
2017 GDARE Recording Technology Conference consists of three main seminars: recording projects review, Live recording demonstration and technical analysis. The conference aims to improve the industry standard by enriching communications between engineers.