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R&S CLIPSTER Dolby Atmos Home workflow support

R&S CLIPSTER Dolby Atmos Home workflow support

Post production: The continuing development of R&S CLIPSTER as the DCI/IMF mastering solution see Dolby Atmos Home workflows support, including IMF-compliant wrapping of Dolby Atmos Home.

The CLIPSTER is the gold standard solution for mastering and distribution of feature films and episodic TV. It provides a powerful way to edit any type of media, in any resolution, and create a high-quality professional deliverable that meets stringent, professional delivery specifications. The ¸CLIPSTER provides a foundation for post-production vendors to build services upon.


R&S CLIPSTER offers extensive support for IMF applications and provides superior flexibility, reliability and efficiency for the creation, refinement and QC of IMF packages.



Crate immersive audio experiences easily with the R&S CLIPSTER capability to include Dolby Atmos mixes in digital cinema packages.


R&S®CLIPSTER v6.7 is a Netflix Post

Technology Alliance product approved for delivery of Netflix Originals content in IMF format fulfilling the latest Netflix Originals delivery specifications.



R&S®CLIPSTER supports multiple standards in the creation of high dynamic range and extended dynamic range masters and deliverables for cinema and home entertainment.

Key features

Flexible color format
The R&S®CLIPSTER uses a high-precision, procedural color-processing pipeline to mix and match any color format in the timeline, allowing the user to select the target color container that all clips will be converted to.
Mix and match codecs
Whether working with compressed or uncompressed formats, the R&S®CLIPSTER can handle them all at the same time. Mix and match different codecs alongside uncompressed frame sequences – the R&S®CLIPSTER won’t skip a beat.
Mix resolutions
If you have a mix of HD, 2K, UHD and 4K, each can be combined within the same timeline and formatted to the desired output, and can be switched on the fly.
Input any file type or video signal
The R&S®CLIPSTER supports an extensive list of file formats that are supported natively in the timeline without any preprocessing, and captures material in the highest quality from SDI inputs.
Conforming to non-linear timeline
The R&S®CLIPSTER timeline works just like a nonlinear editor, including a conforming tool to aid in assembly. Combining a nonlinear timeline with the power of the resolution- and format-independent processing engine behind it makes the R&S®CLIPSTER a workhorse for high-end post-production workflows.
Customizable file-based media
The R&S®CLIPSTER can output to an extensive list of file formats through a customizable generic file output setup. The finalize tool allows you to customize an output to meet a proprietary delivery specification.
Video-tape-based media
The R&S®CLIPSTER has a tried and true I/O tool to create tape deliverables in SD and HD directly from the timeline.
Standardized file-based media
The R&S®CLIPSTER has highly refined output wizards to simplify the creation of standardized formats such as DCP, IMP, AS02 and AS11, so that the outputs are constrained to comply with standards and ensure interoperability.


HDR conversion
High dynamic range allows artists to express their creative intent with more freedom than ever before. To preserve the image quality of the source in all subsequent masters, high-precision color processing is mandatory. But pixel data is just one component. HDR metadata is equally important to make sure HDR-capable display devices reproduce the content as intended. The ¸CLIPSTER provides the right tools to combine all video, audio and metadata sources and generate standard-compliant outputs with the highest fidelity.
The interoperable master format is on the rise to become the new standard in content distribution. Many studios and vendors have already adopted IMF to benefit from its workflow enhancements. The ¸CLIPSTER supports these workflows with a comprehensive toolset to efficiently create new packages and perform downstream processes such as merging and versioning.
The digital cinema (r)evolution, to which ¸CLIPSTER contributed in large part, has matured and so have the comprehensive workflow solutions in ¸CLIPSTER itself. Supporting all standards from InterOp to SMPTE DCP in both 2K and 4K as well as multichannel sound (including Dolby Atmos) and DCI subtitles. ¸CLIPSTER is the reliable solution to generate both full and supplemental packages with confidence. By building in special hardware accelerators for faster than realtime processing, Rohde&Schwarz has ensured that making packages with ¸CLIPSTER is a breeze.