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The Official Genelec Guide to 2019
Thanks to the valuable wisdom and feedback of our amazing customers and business partners around the world, 2019 saw the introduction of exciting new Genelec models in each of the Studio, AV and Home Audio segments. Thank you all for helping to make this another very busy and successful year, and here are just a few of 2019’s highlights…
The year started with the announcement at January’s NAMM show that the 8350A had been voted Best Studio Monitor by the readership of Sound On Sound magazine. With its ability to adapt to any acoustic environment and help you produce better mixes that translate beautifully, we feel this award is yet another sign that the 8350A’s Smart Active Monitoring technology is now even more widely understood and embraced - so thank you to everyone that voted for us.
At the ISE show in February, we previewed our Smart IP technology for the AV market. We knew that installers were looking for an exceptional sounding loudspeaker solution that would allow them to use one single standard CAT cable to provide audio, power and loudspeaker management – and this launch confirmed it!
The following month we surprised the audio world with the launch of our innovative Aural ID technology, which brings greater personalisation, accuracy and reliability to headphone monitoring. By capturing and analysing the unique characteristics of your head, ears and upper torso, the resulting Aural ID file integrates with your DAW to provide a totally personal headphone experience with a far more natural sense of space and direction. In his review, Stephen Bennett of Audio Media concluded that “…it makes you realise how ‘closed in’ headphones can sound. Aural ID adds directional and spatial information making it easier to place sounds in the stereo image, including the all-important ‘phantom centre’ image that’s so hard to get right on headphones.” Look out for more Aural ID reviews and testimonials soon.
During the year, we followed the band Apocalyptica, who have grown to become one of Finland’s most famous musical exports, selling millions of albums worldwide whilst pioneering the genre of cello metal. The band chose Genelec monitors to help them record and mix in different locations, so we stayed in close communication with them as they recorded and toured - and our Facebook Live event in April gave the four band members a chance to answer your questions directly.
May arrived, and with it came major updates to our F Series subwoofers, which we announced at Munich’s High End Show. For those looking for the ultimate hub for their home audio system, the F One and F Two now feature both analogue and digital inputs, automatic input detection and a range of remote control options, making them the perfect future-proof partners for your music streamer or TV set!
As the weather warmed up, we headed to the stunning Sonic Vista Studios in Ibiza to showcase the S360 and The Ones to the island’s talented dance music creators. We love organising these regional events, where we can interact directly with customers in a small, intimate studio environment and provide a high quality listening experience away from the noise and bustle of a busy trade show. Thank you to everyone that dropped by to see us.
Something else we love is the concentrated creativity of songwriting camps – and as these often take place in temporary recording locations, there is always a need for studio monitors that can adapt to the acoustic environment to deliver both truthful playback and musical inspiration. So in July we were happy to support Music Finland’s #APopCastle2019 camp, where 14 Finnish and 10 Asian songwriters gathered in Helsinki to produce a stunning total of 22 potential hit songs for Asian pop artists.
Staying in Finland, August saw our national ‘Calibration Tour’ where we hit the road and visited Genelec-powered studios and homes to talk to customers and help them ensure that their speaker systems were correctly calibrated for their room. Once we’d left, customers could be extra sure that their mixes would translate perfectly - and their home listening experience would be just as the original artists intended it to be.
Once Europe had returned from its summer holidays, we headed to Metropolis Studios in London to unveil three new additions to The Ones family - the 8351B, 8361A and W371A. This launch means that The Ones series can now provide a supremely uncoloured, neutral monitoring solution from small-room, ultra-nearfield work right through to main monitor applications in much larger spaces. The 8351B and 8361A are available already, with the W371A due to start shipping in the new year and having introduced the new Ones models in London, we’re now in the process of launching them globally via a series of local events, such as the one we organised recently at Stockholm’s amazing Baggpipe Studios. So stay tuned for launch news in YOUR territory!
Before the year ended, we wanted to fulfil our promise of delivering the first Smart IP models during 2019, and so in November we travelled to the Finnish Music Hall of Fame in Helsinki to unveil the 4430 Smart IP loudspeaker, and show the specially-invited audience of Nordic installers and press colleagues how the museum had deployed over 120 of the new 4430s throughout the building. This 4430 AV project was quickly followed by others at Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus and G Livelab in Tampere, so watch this space for more Smart IP news in 2020.
And so, December was finally upon us and we had one final launch to announce this year – namely, this new website that you’re currently looking at! We hope you find the new site faster, easier to navigate and more orientated towards YOU, by allowing you to browse either by solution or by individual model, and explaining what common challenges we can help you overcome.