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Recommended Recording Media for HHB CDR830 and CDR830plus

When choosing appropriate media to use in the CDR830/CDR830plus, it is essential to take into account this product is, like all professional audio CD recorders, a real-time burner. This means that the recorder will burn at 1x speed. Therefore, to obtain the best quality recordings, and to ensure a longer life of the laser assembly, it is essential that low speed media is used in the CDR830/CDR830plus. Most computer type CDR drives use high speed CDR media (up to 52x) which are not suitable for use with this product.

DMT recommends that low speed 1x to 24x media should be used in the CDR830/CDR830plus. If high speed discs are used in the CDR830, the recordings may contain audible and uncorrectable errors . There are several other problems caused by burning high-speed media. First, CDR830/CDR830plis will fail to recognize the disc and give a “check disc” message on the display. Also, discs may not finalize properly. Consequently, high-speed media will shorten the life of laser assembly. Failing to use the correct media will void the manufacturers 12 months warranty.


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