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Digital Media Technology Co. Ltd.
Telephone: 852-2721 0343(HongKong), (8610)8580-6317(Beijing), (8620)81170251,81068112(Guangzhou)
DPA Appoints DMT as the New Distributor for China and Hong Kong

DPA Microphones is pleased to announce the appointment of a new distributor for China and Hong Kong, Digital Media Technology (DMT).

For the past 16 years DMT has operated as a provider of high quality audio equipment for recording studios, broadcast, post production and live sound. With a team of more than 30 staff in four Chinese offices - Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Nanjing - the company is committed to providing highly professional services to clients in the Chinese-speaking region, and is proud to have DPA in its portfolio.

"DPA is one of the most respected microphone manufacturers in the world.” says DMT's managing director Clement Choi. “The purity of the sound reproduced by the microphones and the linearity of the frequency response impress every sound engineer who works with them. We at DMT are proud to be selected as DPA's partner in China. With the recent development of their microphones into different markets, DPA has possibly the most versatile selection of high quality condenser microphones for all sorts of applications."

Adds Morten Stove, DPA sales and marketing director, We have known Clement since the beginning of DMT and look forward to working with him and his very capable staff. The Chinese market is very important to us and DMT's presence all over the country will serve to highlight that importance."


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