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ZheJiang Radio
Radio On Air Studio
HangZhou, China

DMT has recently finished a major project for the re-building of Zhejiang Radio On-air studios.

This project lasted for 45 days and 6 Radio on-air studios were rebuilt without affecting daily broadcasting operations.

DMT finished the project for Zhejiang Radio following the strictest level of international guidelines with a high quality of installation practiced, and always while maintaining professional project management.

Although the project was initially for re-building the studios, DMT was responsible for the design and installation of most major aspects for the facility. From the equipment down to technical furniture and laying down the cables, all of which were brand new and required a complete system overhaul.

6 sets of Wheatstone D8000 Main digital On-Air consoles and a RANE rack mount analogue console as backup console were used while the main PGM signal were switched by a 2>1 Changeover made by Titus Labs (3DRX). The telephone hot-line systems were accomplished by using a Telos One-X-Six / Switch Console telephone hybrid and Telos One Digital telephone hybrid.

The Genelec 8020 monitor speakers and a Mackie Big Knob monitor switcher were also allocated in the control room for the director to monitor the main PGM and off air signals.


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