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Metro Radio purchases Avid Thunder HD System from DMT

Metro Radio is expanding its reach into the internet. Metro Radio recently launched its internet financial news video channel, with new channel comes new demands, therefore Metro Radio decides to purchase Avid Thunder HD System from Digital Media Technology to meet its on air graphics needs. The Avid Thunder HD System will be used in daily financial news programs production as well as pre and post graphics productions.

The Avid Thunder product family redefines live production servers, combining multiple channels of video clips with key and audio; stills and animated logos with real-time DVE effects; and remote browse and control. Every Thunder server has advanced database and search capabilities; built-in sequencer; and comprehensive automation protocol and MOS support, and they connect seamlessly with Avid Deko graphics solutions. Built for live production environments including sports, news and entertainment events, the go-anywhere Thunder server family delivers video clips in live on-air environments where instant playback and reliability are critical.


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