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New Product - Fostex FM-3 - Preliminary Information

Balanced 3ch input and 2ch main outputs have individual high quality signal transformers. In addition, the FM-3 offers a wide variety of sub outputs. Armored in a solid aluminum body and containing a newly developed Organic EL display. The FM3 will stand up in any field mixing environment.

  • Highly visible Organic EL display with high resolution metering offering both VU and Peak level. You can also choose Stereo or Mono indication.

  • The display will also show various mixer setting parameters, such as Mic/Line and Phantom power ON/OFF selections.

  • 3ch input (Line/Mic) and 2ch main outputs are equipped with high quality signal transformers to resist external noise.

  • Sub output and Tape output, offers an AUX output that you can choose which channel to be assigned.

  • A dedicated monitor return input to check the audio from VTR or Camera feeds.

  • AUX input can also be merged to the stereo bus in addition to the monitoring feature. Cascade connection is possible.

  • Main and sub outputs offer switchable level settings at +4/0/ -20/ -60.

  • The output has an analog limiter using VCA. The parameter adjustment is available for threshold and ratio.

  • Two headphone outputs are available with standard and mini jacks. You can choose a desired channel and PFL via the monitor selector switch.

  • Light but robust aluminum body construction. Large solid aluminum fader knobs are exclusively machined for the FM-3.

  • High quality fader POT’s offer superb reliability in severe work conditions. The faders use high quality conductive plastic and a strong metal shaft construction.

  • Pop up knobs are used for TRIM, HPF and MASTER to avoid inadvertent operation.

  • 8x AA batteries will power the mixer (either Alkaline or NiMH). The FM-3 will also run on DC12-24V external power.

  • Alkaline batteries will run for approx. 6 hours (under test). The remaining battery capacity will be displayed on both the Organic EL display and LED indicator.

  • DC output is available via a HIROSE HR10A-4P connector. Useful to power up an external device such as Wireless Receiver.

  • Small and light design with Dimensions; 188mm (W) x 57mm (H) x 156mm (D) and Weight; approx. 1.5kg (inc. batteries)


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