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DPA Microphones enhance trade mission at Shanghai Expo 2010

DPA Microhones has supplied some 4023 compact cardioids and 4028 compact wide cardioids to the Nordic Lighthouse, a Scandinavian consortium taking part in the Shanghai Expo 2010. The mics, along with flamingo and table stand solutions, are being used for Nordic Lighthouse’s conferences, providing versatile and elegant compact solutions and ensuring natural and detailed sound.

More than 60 companies representing Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland, as well as sponsors, are participating in the Nordic Lighthouse to promote market opportunities for Scandinavian companies in Asia. The consortium is housed in a three storey converted warehouse lit up like a beacon to reflect its name.

Among the speakers using the DPA mics was His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, who visited the Expo to present some speeches at a Sino-Danish business conference.

“Given our presence in the Chinese market, and as a manufacture of professional microphone solutions designed and manufactured at our factory in Denmark, it was an obvious move for us to support the Nordic Lighthouse initiative during the Shanghai Expo 2010,” says Ken Kimura, DPA’s regional sales director, Asia Pacific.

With the iconic Little Mermaid taking pride of place at the Danish pavilion, a gala concert was held on ‘Denmark Day’ at Expo, featuring the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra conducted by Giordano Bellincampi. The gala concert brought together renowned musicians, singers and dancers from China and Denmark such as Chen Yi, Chen Yue, Michala Petri and Palle Mikkelborg.

DPA 4006-TLs were used as the main stereo pair for the orchestra, with 4011-TLs reinforcing some of the instrument sections, while the performing artists were miked with DPA miniature and headband mics.

Shanghai Expo 2010 runs from 1 May – 31 October 2010.

DPA microphones used for the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at Shanghai Expo 2010


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