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Centro Digital Pictures adds Avid Protools to their Post Production Centre

Centro Digital Pictures (Centro), leader in Hong Kong’s digital post production, computer animation and digital film effects, adds Avid Protools to their line-up of audio post production facilities.

Centro purchases the D-Command ES 24 Bundle from Digital Media Technology as DMT is the leader in the industry for providing good services and great products. The bundle includes Avid D-COMMAND ES DAW Integrated Console, Avid Protools HD|3 Accel PCIe Digital Audio Workstation Card, Avid 192 I/O 16 Channel Analogue/Digital Interface and Avid SYNC HD Sync Interface for ProTools HD. Also included in the list is the Avid Video Satellite.

Centro is the first in the territory to adopt the new Avid Video Satellite, Media Composer synchronized video playback option for Pro Tools|HD into their workflow. Video Satellite is a software option that allows Pro Tools|HD editors to quickly and easily play Avid HD or SD video sequences from a dedicated Windows-based computer, running Avid Media Composer software, in sync with their Pro Tools session. Video Satellite enhances post-production efficiency, eliminating the need to render effects, transcode video, or copy files. It also enables user to tap into Avid shared media environments to stream video. And because all video playback is offloaded onto a separate but synced (Mac or PC) computer, user can maintain the full audio track count and processing power of Pro Tools|HD.

With the superb quality and unparalleled audio fidelity, Centro is able to increase their staff’s efficency and their facity’s effectiveness.


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