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Hong Kong Jockey Club Selects Vizrt Solutions from DMT for Virtual Programming for Horse Racing

Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), the largest horse racing venue in Hong Kong, China, has begun broadcasting horse racing related programming from its Happy Valley newly purchased virtual studio. All programs are being feeded to Asia Television, local carrier of the horse racing programs, to broadcast to general broadcast both before and after the horse racing.

Viz Virtual Studio is a system powered by Viz Engine 3.2 and composed of Viz Artist 3.2 animation tools, and Viz Video 3-D control application. Viz Virtual Studio presents producers with unrivaled possibilities. Complex 2D and 3D virtual sets, which include interactivity, can be easily created using an intuitive interface. The solution was created to fully support the Vizrt family of applications and can be seamlessly integrated with existing software installations. Viz Virtual Studio supports all major camera-tracking solutions and other studio peripherals, offering broadcasters a cutting- edge solution for the creation of virtual sets.

Vizrt / DMT was chosen because of the company’s ability to provide robust services and features in HD. It is also a natural choice for them as HKJC has already acquired the Viz Arena system. Since both system utilize Viz Artist as the common designing tool, it greatly increases their productivity since their staff is already very familiar with it from the Viz Arena system.

During the installation period, the Viz Virtual Studio system was calibrated at the Happy Valley newly built blue screened studio.


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