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Focusrite is pleased to announce the Saffire PRO 14

The Saffire PRO 14 is an 8 in / 6 out audio interface with legendary sonic performance and unmatched flexibility at a truly affordable price. The latest in Focusrite's new generation of FireWire audio interfaces, the Saffire PRO 14 is designed to make home studio recording and mixing easy without sacrificing audio quality.

Twenty-five years of mic pre excellence form the foundation of this new interface, with two award-winning Focusrite preamps. Combined with a host of additional I/O options, the Saffire PRO 14 helps you get the tracks you want without having to constantly re-patch your studio.

Alongside the two high quality mic preamps, two additional analogue inputs, four analogue outputs, S/PDIF and MIDI open the door to true multi-track recording. Two Hi-Z instrument inputs let you plug straight in without the need to buy additional DI boxes, and two virtual Loopback inputs are also available for routing digital audio between software applications - ideal for capturing online audio.

Included with the PRO 14 is Saffire MixControl, an 18 x 6 DSP mixer. Offering a level of flexibility that is unparalleled at this price point, the MixControl software enables you to create six separate mixes without latency. Route any combination of input signals and sequencer outputs to any of Saffire PRO 14's outputs. Intuitive one-click configurations help you track, monitor and mix as quickly as possible.

Saffire PRO 14 comes with all of the additional tools needed to start making music straight away. These include the latest version of the Focusrite Plug-in Suite, providing a significant upgrade from your standard sequencer effects. The suite includes Compression, Reverb, Gating and EQ VST/AU plug-ins.

Focusrite's established Xcite+ bundle is also included. The bundle features Ableton Live Lite (for all your production, performance and compositional needs), Novation's Bass Station soft synth and over 1 gig of royalty-free samples from Loopmasters.

With Saffire PRO 14, sonic integrity is never compromised. The two Focusrite preamps ensure low noise and distortion, whilst quality digital conversion and JetPLLâ„¢ jitter elimination technology ensure pristine quality as your audio flows between the analogue and digital domains. Combined with the very latest in FireWire interfacing technology, excellent routing flexibility and rock-solid driver stability, the Saffire PRO 14 is the heart of the modern home studio.

Key features:

  • Two high-quality award-winning Focusrite preamps
    The best sounding interface in its class. Focusrite's 25-year legacy forms the foundation of this new interface, with two award-winning preamps.

  • High-quality 24-bit/96kHz FireWire interface
    Features professional conversion and JetPLLâ„¢ jitter elimination technology, guaranteeing pristine audio quality and reliable synchronization.

  • Total I/O count of 8 inputs and 6 outputs
    A host of I/O options are provided*, including a unique Loopback facility for routing audio between software applications via Saffire MixControl.

  • Saffire MixControl ultra-low-latency DSP mixer/router
    Provides an 18 x 6 DSP mixer with excellent routing flexibility, intuitive one-click configurations, and lower than 1.4ms latency (less than the time it takes sound to travel two feet through air!).

  • Focusrite VST/AU Plug-in Suite, for use in the mix
    Upgrade your standard sequencer effects and bring a touch of class to your session with Focusrite Compression, Reverb, Gating and EQ VST/AU plug-ins.

  • Xcite+ Software Bundle
    Featuring a host of royalty-free loops and samples, a full-fledged soft-synth and Ableton Live Lite 8, providing an affordable upgrade path to Ableton Live.

  • Secondary features

  • Two Hi-Z instrument inputs
    No need for a separate DI. The first two channels feature high-gain instrument inputs

  • Bus-powered for a tidy mobile recording rig
    Saffire PRO 14 can be powered via FireWire, or via its own power supply.

  • Dedicated front-panel headphone bus
    Providing a fully customised monitor mix, with tactile level control available on the front panel.

  • Tactile Monitor dial
    A front panel volume dial provides immediate control over the main stereo outputs.

  • Switchable phantom power
    Across both mic pre inputs, globally switchable direct from the front fascia.

  • Software PFL
    Allows the mix engineer to easily monitor a single mixer channel or complete mix.


    No. Format Connector Details
    2 mic/line/inst Combo XLR Inc. 2 instrument inputs
    2 line analogue ¼" TRS Jack On rear panel
    2 S/PDIF RCA phono n/a
    2 loopback Virtual Internally routed software inputs
    16 MIDI 5 pin DIN connector Provides 16 channels of MIDI
    No. Format Connector Details
    4 line analogue ¼" TRS Jack n/a
    2 S/PDIF RCA phono n/a
    16 MIDI 5 pin DIN connector Provides 16 channels of MIDI

    Differences between Saffire PRO 24 and PRO 14

  • The ADAT Optical connection is not available on the Saffire PRO 14, reducing the total number of physical inputs to 6 (as opposed to 14 on the Saffire PRO 24).
  • NOTE: Mic/line/instrument inputs and S/PDIF I/O remain the same. The Loopback feature also remains unchanged.
  • The Saffire PRO 14 has two fewer line outputs on the rear panel, reducing physical outputs from 8 to 6.
  • When running on Saffire PRO 14's DSP, Saffire MixControl will function as an 18 x 6 mixer as opposed to 16 x 8 when running on Saffire PRO 24.
  • 5-segment LED meters from the Saffire PRO 24 have been replaced with 2-segment LED's showing signal present and 'O/L' (clipping). The 2-segment metering is available for channels 1 and 2 only.

  • Included Software and Accessories

  • Focusrite Plug-in Suite
  • Installer CD including User Guide and Saffire MixControl software
  • Xcite+ bundle ships free with Saffire PRO 14, and consists of the following:
  • - Ableton Live Lite 8 software (DAW)
    - Novation Bass-station synth
    - Loopmasters Samples library consisting of over 1GB of royalty free samples
  • FireWire cable
  • Universal power supply
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