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Genelec Part of the Best of Finland at Shanghai Expo

Visitors to the Shanghai Expo have a unique opportunity to experience the outstanding performance of Genelec loudspeakers set amongst the best culture and technology of Finland. Many countries from across the World have pavilions at the Expo with each of the 190 participating countries showcases its art and design expertise.

China is expecting to receive almost 100 foreign leaders and up to seventy million people from across the globe to visit the Expo. On 27 May a special Finland Day was held at the show with a special focus on music. Over 100 artists filled with the day with performance styles ranging from folk, through to orchestral and electronic music, all with a Finnish flavour. As part of the day, the prestigious Sibelius Academy provided musicians to play the some instrumental parts of the music with Genelec loudspeakers delivering the sound.

“We are enjoying the experience of being involved in the Finnish Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo,” says Terho Savolainen, Marketing Manager at Genelec. “The event and companies involved in the Pavilion, demonstrate why Finland is one of Europe’s technology leaders and a regional hub for research and development.”

There are over seventy Genelec loudspeakers inside the Pavilion spread across the main exhibition space and other zones including VIP lounge, sauna, cafes and meeting rooms. On the ‘Material Wall’, a display of the best of Finnish industrial design, Genelec 6010A and 5040A loudspeakers are displayed alongside industrial design items including lamps and furniture by Harri Koskinen, a leading Finnish product designer.

The main exhibition area is equipped with the impressive Genelec 8050A speakers supported by 7060B subwoofers. Capable of producing peak SPL of over 120dB per pair, and with a low frequency response extending down to 35Hz, the 8050A is a powerful wideband bi-amplified monitoring system perfectly suited to large installations.

The lounge areas, VIP lounge and the Sauna lounge feature Genelec 8040A speakers which deliver a level of performance comparable to much larger systems. Compact in build, the bi-amplified 8040A is the ideal monitor for delivering a wide frequency response in a limited space. The public café and meeting rooms are all equipped with 8030A speakers.


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