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Introducing WSG-Y16 I/O Card for Yamaha Consoles

Direct from the Desk

Yamaha console users, rejoice: The wait is finally over. The Waves WSG-Y16 has arrived.

Powered by Waves SoundGrid technology, the WSG-Y16 will pipe 16 channels of audio out of the digital board and back in, at near 0 latency, opening up whole new world of possibilities: Waves EQs, compressors, delays, reverbs, and more are now at your fingertips.

Installation is painless, although a little basic understanding is required: Turn your board off, slide the WSG-Y16 into available slot, turn your board back on, and you’re ready to get some Waves into your mix. And patching is a breeze, same as the patching on any Yamaha board: If the WSG-Y16 is in Slot 1, then all 16 ins and outs will be available at any patching point under the Slot 1 tab. In addition to the Ethernet jack for audio, the WSG-Y16 sports a MIDI input so you can control your plugins using an external controller, which gives you fast access to vital parameters like tap delay, threshold, ratios, you name it.

Just like any software-driven device, the WSG-Y16 might eventually need a firmware update. The updating process is similar to BIOS update on a PC: Move the jumper, flash the firmware, return the jumper to the original position, and you’re done.

To sum it up, the WSG-Y16 is the ultimate in simplicity and reliability, and a must-have addition to any compatible Yamaha console.


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