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Taiwan broadcaster increases DPA arsenal for new HDTV facilities

DPA’s Taiwanese distributor IX Technology, part of the Linfair Group, has supplied more than 130 DPA microphones to Public Television Service (PTS), a division of the Taiwan Broadcasting System (TBS). The order includes large quantities of 4006 omnis, 4011 cardioids, 4015 wide cardioids and 4017 shotgun mics, as well as seven 5006 surround microphone kits (five matched 4006-TLs and accessories) with seven S5c surround mounts.

Julius Wang, PTS’ supervising audio engineer, is a long time DPA user, with a wide range of mics already deployed on news, drama and ENG applications. PTS produces the majority of content within TBS, and the newly-purchased DPA arsenal now forms an integral part of its surround tools to record studio and live content.

The new mics will be deployed across PTS’ new HDTV facilities in Taipei, including four new TV studios, two new HDTV OB trucks and an audio recording truck dedicated to mastering in surround. A major part of their use will be for recording classical music and opera performances at live venues such as the National Theater and Concert Hall.

“I’m extremely happy with PTS’ additions to its existing DPA stock,” says Wang. “DPA microphones exhibit natural and detailed sound with an extended dynamic range. Additionally, accessories such as the acoustic pressure equalisers and various microphone grids – a DPA specialty – enable myself and my colleagues to acoustically EQ the mic signal on site. I would use the analogy of a good video camera: DPA mics are in focus, sharp and very precise compared to other brands, which can often sound as if a soft filter has been applied.”

“Having known Julius for years and seen his uncompromising approach to audio production, I am very pleased that PTS have expanded their DPA tools with our finest microphone solutions,” adds Ken Kimura, DPA’s regional sales director, Asia Pacific. “I am confident the new additions will enable PTS to take their surround content to the next level.”


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