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Source from fantastic NAMM show about SSL's news

Firstly, we’ve won lots of awards! SSL won the TEC Award “double” of Large Format Console and Small Format Console with Duality SE and X-Desk. Matrix won “Best Audio Mixer” in the new Sound on Sound Awards which are voted for by readers. We are thrilled to receive these, and believe that they act as continued validation of our products’ excellence. More news on this can be found on the following links:

We also have our Matrix and Nucleus overview videos now online. These give brief overview and full walkthrough demos. Many of you have been asking for this kind of video for some time and we are happily to finally get them online. The videos can be found here:
They are also posted on our YouTube channel for you to link to:

We’ve also been working hard on Nucleus. All of our current stock has the new internal brackets fitted, and the new packaging will arrive with us next week. We still hope to clear all backorders before the end of this month and any new orders should expect a delivery date of mid-February. We will be fulfilling all RMA orders before anything else so if you have received any stock damaged in transit you will get replacements imminently.

We are expecting to have stock of the new Stereo Dynamics module for the X-Rack available to ship this month. More info can be found here:

Our order book is now open, and we look forward to receiving your demo and initial stock orders. For those of you who also distribute the AWS948 console these new modules are sure to be a great add-on sale.

Duende Native is progressing very well through the final phase of beta test and we expect to be ready to launch in the next 2-3 weeks. Again, our order book is now open and we look forward to receiving your initial orders for the 2 bundles.


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