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Telos' Zephyr Xstream is the codec of choice in Greece

Broadcasting from the Greek island of Lesvos, radio station Era Aegean recently installed a newly purchased Zephyr Xstream MXP ISDN Codec. The Zephyr Xstream has enabled Era Aegean to increase their coverage of live events not only from Lesvos, but from other islands in the North Aegean Sea, according to Athens' Audigys (, Telos' distributor in Greece, through whom the sale was made.

Telos Zephyr is the world's most popular family of digital network transceivers. Along with MPEG AAC, Zephyr Xstream includes industry-standard MPEG Layer 3 and Layer 2 coding, and AAC-LD coding for high quality, low delay bi-directional remotes; features include MP3 streaming and decoding via IP connections, and Ethernet remote control. Additionally, Zephyr Xstream can receive POTS calls from the Zephyr Xport POTS + ISDN codec, using aacPlus coding for FM-quality audio.

Telos Systems is the trusted world leader for broadcast telephony, IP & ISDN codecs, streaming audio and audio logging, with over 20,000 Zephyrs in use around the world, Telos is "The Best Way to Hear From There."


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