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DMT Participates in PALM Expo 2011

The annual PALM Expo is going to be held from May 26 to 29th at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. DMT will exhibit a series of latest products at 4307 Hall 4. The highlights of this Expo are:

1.  Clair Brothers
Clair Brothers is the legend of the industry, and originator of touring. It will exhibit Clair Brothers i208 line array, the famous 12AM monitor and a range of full-range speakers. Meanwhile, we are going to hold Clair Brothers 2011 Beijing Worker Stadium Media Experience at 3-6:30pm on May 27, which is a perfect chance to experience Clair Brothers’ live effect.

2.  Yamaha
The Yamaha M7CL mixer will be showed. It has a powerful processor Centralogic, convenient touch LED display, high-quality software and hardware support, which allow users and the music world to comminute more easily.

3.  Sennheiser Evolution Series Microphone
DMT officially became the distributor for Sennheiser’s evolution G3 500 wireless microphone, 600/ 800/ 900 microphone in China. We will exhibit all these products mentioned above.

4.  Latest DPA Reference Standard Microphone
DPA launched brand new 2000 and 4000 modular series of microphones at Prolight & Sound 2011, which have already won a Pro Audio Review PAR Excellence award and a Mix Magazine Certified Hit since being unveiled at last year’s AES Convention in San Francisco. The microphones of this range state their views officially in China market.

5.  Optocore Revolutionary Faber Optic Network Transmission System
Optocore has been providing audio transmission network of high quality. The SANE System of last year made it compatible for Optocore system and CAT5 network. It is indispensable audio transmission system of numerous big shows all over the world.

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