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Omnia.11 Reaches Milestone

Over 100 Units Shipped In Just 120 Days

Omnia.11 has been the single most talked about new processing offering in years.

And now, a milestone.

We are pleased to announce that over 100 units have been shipped to destinations throughout the world from New York to Madrid, Los Angeles to Sydney, and Chicago to Paris in just 120 days of release.

Since the first Omnia.11 was shipped on 11/11 of last year, the response from clients has been nothing short of phenomenal.

What makes Omnia.11 such a game changer?

Omnia President Frank Foti explains: "Omnia.11 is a culmination of our research into three critical areas regarding audio processing: getting levels correct - all the time, reducing dynamic generated intermod distortion, and cleaning up the clipping system. This is accomplished with new algorithms that enable effortless clarity and loudness. It's very humbling to receive glowing, unsolicited e-mails, calls, and texts moments after deployment at location after location. This is quite remarkable. I am so proud of Team Omnia and all of their work in making Omnia.11 so much of a game changer”.

Special attention was paid to the behavior of live voice quality. The improved performance of the AGC and limiter functions generate live voice clarity and impact far beyond that which was previously possible.

The bass enhancement algorithm is a key feature of the Omnia.11. Low end is now broadcast with recording studio-like punch and impact, with no traditional side-effects whatsoever.

So, please accept our invitation to join us at NAB Booth C-3113 April 11-14, 2011 for a personal demonstration of the Omnia.11. We would be happy to make sure that you receive one of the next 100. If you are not attending NAB, check for more information.


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