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DMT products exchange Guangzhou Station Tour in 2010

Celebrating 20th anniversary, DMT host a Guangzhou seminar on July 30 in Dongfang Hotel, Guangzhou. The event was associated together with Guangdong Asscociation of Recording Engineers, Yamaha, Genelec and has invited guests from broadcasting, music and live sound to share the 20 years professional experiences of DMT.

Mr. Bangjing He, General Secretary of Guangdong Asscociation, gave an opening speech, then followed by the welcoming speech by Mr. Clement Choi, the president and founder of DMT. Raymend Wen, head of Guangzhou office, reviewed the history of DMT.

The seminar introduced the most advanced products and technology in the industry:
Clair Brothers --- Legendary Speakers
Clair Brothers’ founder Roy and Gene Clair begin to serve the touring market in 1966. In 40 years time, Clair Brothers has become a synonym of great sound in live environment. It has provide service for for Elvis Presley, Queen, Elton John , Michael Jackson, U2, and some large-scale music festival incl. Live Aid & Live 8, Rock & Rio.

DPA Microphones
DPA Microphone is top microphone brands from Denmark, aiming to provide "clean, transparent, natural" sound quality. DPA is used in various first-class venues in the world such as: theater, concert hall, recording studio standard microphone.

Yamaha digital console
Yamaha digital console is famous for their reliable and cost-effective with great sound quality. This year, the M7CL family adds a new member, the M7CL-48ES, it adds EtherSound stage box connectivity for state-of-the-art system and has a total of three EtherSound ports.

Genelec monitor speaker
Genelec began to develop high-quality monitor equipments since 1978. Genelec monitor speakers is the standard of the industry. Genelec brought the latest digital speakers to the seminar. Mr. Shen Rui from Genelec Beijing introduced the history of Genelec and the new 8000 series speakers born from the design concept of next generation.

Latest SSL C10 HD Radio Compact console
SSL’s brought their latest C10 HD console. It combines the highest standards of reliability and performance for a wide range of on-air applications, with intelligently simplified design and operation, all in an exceptionally cost effective and compact package

OPTOCORE --- revolutionary optical fiber transmission system
OPTOCORE is a patented fibre optic network system specifically designed to meet the requirements of the professional sound reinforcement, lighting, broadcast, studio, installation, and video production industries, and satisfy the demands of critical applications requiring wide dynamic range, negligible distortion, and extremely low noise. Optocore products proved to its excellence in many large-scale events, incl. 3 summer Olympics games from Sidney in 2000 to Beijing in 2008.

Sonifex Audio Broadcast Equipment
Sonifex manufactures broadcast audio equipment for the radio, TV, security and telecommunications industries headquartered in the UK. The seminar exhibit many Sonifex the latest equipment, including Redbox Series and ReferenceMonitor rack monitoring products.

During the seminar, the guests were very interested in the topics and products and they hoped to learn more information in the future.


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