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Denmark DPA experience top microphones seminar

Denmark DPA experience top microphones seminar held in Shanghai in March 26. Organised by the Shanghai Municipal Committee of stage art performances Industry Association, Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai CCA audio visual equipment Co., Ltd., Denmark DPA Microphones A / S co.

On 26th Mar, DMT held a DPA seminar together with our local dealer Shanghai Wenjian Audio-Video Co., Ltd and Shanghai Performance Trade Association.

DPA Microphone’s Area manager, Ken Kimura, gave a wonderful presentation to the visitors, topic incl.

DPA Product Line
How to Choose the Right Mic.
Dynamic Mic. Vs. Condense Mic.
How to test your Mic.
Cardioid Mic vs. Omni-directional Mic
Large-membrane vs. small membrane

The audiences were very impressed by Ken’s speech and show great interest to microphone technologies. A lot of guest asked questions about how to pick up sound and how to use microphone properly.

We also use Genelec monitor speakers, Optocore fibre Network, Yamaha console and HHB recorder and players to setup the system for the seminar.

After the banquet, Shanghai Wenjian audio visual equipment Co., Ltd. gathered to exchange ideas with the guests at Shaoxing hotel.

About DPA Microphones
DPA Microphone is the world's leading brand of high-end microphone. Among the many world-famous concert halls, theaters, television stations can see the DPA, DPA microphones philosophy is committed to providing professional audio microphone solution is available from one of the few underwater pickup, stereo, 5.1, people sound, musical instrument pickup program the full range of professional microphone manufacturer. Over the years, this concept is constantly promoting the development and success of the DPA an important reason. Recent studies of the DPA products: different uses of the microphone and the appropriate accessories, they are presented by professional sound recording engineer alike.


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