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Sonifex Showcase New Dolby® Products At CABSAT 2012

RB-VHEDD8 3G/HD/SD-SDI Dolby? E Encoder & Embedder.

Sonifex are exhibiting a host of new products on stand S2-F4 at CABSAT 2012.

Sales Manager Eamonn Heffernan commented: "Last year we exhibited a range of 3G/HD/SD-SDI video embedders and de-embedders, which proved to be a great success. This year we've added to those with Dolby? Decoders and Encoders, as standalone units and combined with embedding and de-embedding."

New products include the Redbox RB-VHDDD8 which is a Dolby? E & Dolby Digital Decoder and De-Embedder. It de-embeds 16 channels of audio within any audio group of an SDI video signal and a further 2 which are sent to the Dolby? Decoder. Up to 10 channels from the decoder or any of the 16 channels from the de-embedder can then be re-embedded onto either of the two SDI outputs and also transmitted on a BNC or D-type situated on the rear panel.

The new Redbox RB-VHEDD8, which is a Dolby? E Encoder and Embedder, encodes 8 channels of audio into two channels of an AES/EBU digital audio stream which is then embedded onto any of the available groups within each of the two video output paths. The encoded Dolby E bitstream is also available via a dedicated output on the rear panel. The audio inputs to the Encoder can be selected to come from the external digital audio inputs or from embedded audio contained in the incoming SDI input. The outputs from the de-embedder can also be re-embedded into the video outputs, along with the encoded inputs.

Also showing is the new Phone In 6, a call control centre for radio talkshows, comprising the PI-6C 1U rackmount base console and PI-6R remote control panel. The Phone In 6 allows hosts to manage up to 6 callers and route them to air through two separate digital telephone hybrids, or conference callers together.

The new range of Pro Audio Streamers are on display. They allow audio to be streamed around a building using IP audio and CAT5 cabling infrastructure. There are three professional audio IP streamers in the new range providing encoding and decoding in different formats. The PS-SEND converts an audio input to an IP stream, the PS-PLAY reads an IP stream and outputs to balanced and unbalanced audio line levels and the PS-AMP reads an IP stream and outputs audio to stereo speakers. Each unit also has an ethernet web server to allow configuration.

And last, but not least, the new S0 Radio Broadcast Mixer which is a high quality yet simple to operate radio broadcast console ideally suited to community radio stations, educational purposes and for internet radio. It's easy to understand and has an uncomplicated and intuitive front panel layout ensuring that the mixer appeals to novices and broadcast professionals alike, whilst offering a range of user configurable options for flexible operation. With USB audio, a built-in telephone hybrid and headphone volume limiter, it has some innovative features at a cut-down price.


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