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UAD V6 demo notes

UAD V6 demo notes

Find below notes on the contents and instructions on how to setup the UAD Demos on a Mac or Windows computer to automatically launch and play Demo Sessions on every system boot.

System Requirements:
-UAD-2 DUO PCIe or Satellite with UAD Version 6 or greater
-Active Plug-In Licenses (365-NFRs for your dealers can be setup through UA Sales)

Compatible DAW SW Installed
-Logic 9+
-Nuendo/Cubase 4+
-Pro Tools 9+

UAD V6 DEMOS Folder Contents: After It (DUO MIX V6)
-After It (Logic) - Logic Session with Audio Files
-After It (Cubase) - Nuendo/Cubase Session with Audio Files
-After It (Pro Tools) - Pro Tools Session with Audio Files

Cannons & Clouds (DUO MIX V6)
-Cannons & Clouds DUO MIX (Logic) - Logic Session with Audio Files
-Cannons & Clouds DUO MIX (Cubase) - Nuendo/Cubase Session with Audio Files
-Cannons & Clouds DUO MIX (Pro Tools) - Pro Tools Session with Audio Files


1) Insert the DVD
a. Copy the folder for the specific DAW you are going to use

2) Launch Session and make sure it loads without any error dialogs

3) If you run into plug-in loading errors check the following
a. Go to UAD Meter & Control Panel > Plug-Ins > STATUS Column to make sure you have valid licenses for all the UAD Plug-Ins
b. Go to UAD Meter & Control Panel > Configuration Tab and make sure "Limit DSP Load" is set to 95% or higher
c. Close session and try again

4) If you run into any pop/click issues go to the DAWs Audio/Device setup and raise your buffer settings 512 ~1024 is recommended for slower systems.

5) Once everything is working save any changes and make a BACKUP. The files will no doubt be destroyed by customers over time so having a backup will save a lot of time in getting it back up and running quickly.

6) To setup Auto-Launch of the session on MAC
a. Open and make a shortcut/alias of the Session file
b. Go to System Preferences > System > Accounts
c. In Login Items, use the "+" to browse and select the alias

7) To setup Auto-Launch of the session on WIN
a. Open and make a shortcut/alias of the Session file
b. Put this shortcut/alias in your "Startup" Folder (Docs & Settings > User Name > Start Menu > Programs > Startup)
i. (Tip: Click-Drag the shortcut to the Start button and hold, Start menu will open, continue holding and go to Programs > Startup and release

Demoing Tips:
1) Learn more about the songs and the artists. It's always helpful to have a little background on the song and artists to give you something to talk about while you setup. Both of the Demo songs have been featured on Check them out here.
2) Doing a quick A<>B of the mix with all UAD Plug-Ins Enabled/Disabled. After playing the song for a chorus or so, the easiest and most dramatic way to demonstrate the effect of the UAD plug-ins on the mix is by using the UAD Disable Button. This button can be found on the UAD Meter. When the button glows blue, UAD plug-ins are active. Click the button to disable the active plug-ins.
3) Presets. All UAD plug-ins have a great library of presets. Just Soloing a track or bus, then rolling through presets can be a very impressive demo. Once they see how easy it is, let them play. Usually this is all it takes to get a customer demoing the product on their own.
4) Learn more. Knowledge is power so visit and make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get the latest news and also spend some time in our video library, and Blog archives where you'll find tons of great information to help you demo and sell.


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