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DMT's Crazy Summer Sales have now started

Welcome to DMT's Summer Sale!!!

Here you will find all your favorite audio gears at the lowest price ever. What are you still waiting for, come to our office and pick up your bargain deals now.

Here is a list of selected products for you to choose from :

BrandModelProductSpecial Web Offer
AKAI ProfessionalMINIAK37-Key 8-Voice Polyphony 3 Octave Virtual Analog Synthesier with Vocoder2,000
AKAI ProfessionalSynthStation 2525-key keyboard controller for iPhone and iPod touch, w/SynthStation Studio App500
AlesisDM10Drum Module2,500
AlesisDM10 Pro KitDM10 Pro Kit with/Surge Cymbals, USB/MIDI Interface,6,000
AlesisDM10 Studio Kit6-piece electronic drum set with DM105,000
AlesisGuitarLink1/4" to USB Cable for guitar, bass or other line level sources, 6m100
AlesisMicLinkXLRF to USB Cable for dynamic microphone recording, 6m100
AlesisMultiPortDesktop Docking and audio recording interface for iPOD/IPOD Nano100
AlesisPalmTrackHandheld 24-bit recorder, stereo/omni, WAV/MP3 to SD/SDHC, mic/line, USB500
AlesisProTrackProfessional handheld stereo recorder for iPod, XY condenser mics400
AlesisSR-18Professional high definition drum machine1,000
AlesisUSB-MIDI LinkMIDI In and MID OUT to USB Cable, 6m100
AlesisUSBPro Kit w/ Surge Pack 2USB/Midi drum kit with Surge electronic cymbals2,000
AvidBF Pultec BundlePlug-ins Software, TDM+RTAS+AS1,000
AvidBF Slightly Rube CompPlug-ins Software, TDM+RTAS+AS1,000
AvidDINRPlug-ins Software, TDM+AS Only1,000
AvidImpact Plug-ins Software, TDM only1,000
AvidMbox II USB Personal DAW2,000
AvidMbox II Micro USB Personal DAW1,000
AvidMusic Production ToolKit 2Provide PT LE/M-Powered VIs and production tools up to 64 ST/mono tracks1,000
AvidReel Tape SuitePlug-ins Software1,000
AvidRiVibe Plug-ins Software, TDM only1,000
AvidSmack! TDM Plug-ins Software, TDM+RTAS+AS1,000
AvidTL Space (RTAS)
AvidTL Space TDMPlug-ins Software, TDM+RTAS+AS1,000
AvidXFormPlug-ins Software1,000
FocusriteISA220 A/D CardA/D card for ISA220/4301,000
FocusriteLiquid 4-Pre ES Card 8 Channel EtherSound Card for Liquid 4-Pre1,000
FocusritePlatinum 9VoiceMaster Pro Mono Channel Strip3,000
QuestedV3110Active 3-way mid-field/main monitor, 150w/150w/700w RMS13,000 each
Solid State LogicDuende Classic32 channels of SSL signal processing through FireWire 400 port4,000
Solid State LogicDuende Mini 16 channels of SSL signal processing through FireWire 400 port3,000
Solid State LogicDuende PCIe32 channels of SSL signal processing through PCIe slot4,000
WavesGTR TDM + Guiter InterfaceGuiter Amp and Effects processors with Guiter Interface100
WavesGTR3 Native software onlyGuiter Amp and Effects processors without Guiter interface100
WavesNetshell APA 44MEthernet DSP Processing Accelerator1,000
Fostex8348Time Code Card for DV8243,000
FostexAC2496AC2496 Eur A/D Converter1,000
FostexAD-15COptional Power Supply Unit for PD-606 and PD204700
FostexAD12-1300Power Supply Unit for FR-2400
FostexDV82412 cm DVD-RAM 8-Track Recorder10,000
FostexLR1616/4/2 Digital Mixer with 80G Hard Disk 16+2 Recorder5,000
FostexPD-2044-Channel Mixer 2 Track DVD/HD Location Recorder15,000
FostexPD-6066-Channel Mixer 8 Track DVD/HD Location Recorder30,000
HHbDRM85Handheld Compact Flash Recording Mic, Omni5,000
SankenCMS-10Shotgun Stereo Mic for HDTV, WSJ-10, suspension cylinder included8,000
DenonDN-F400Half 1U Professional Solid State Audio Player2,000
DenonRC-F400SDN-F400/DN-F650 Remote Controller2,000
FurmanHA6ABE(220V)HA6ABE 220V2,500
IZ corpProject24iZ Corp Project Pro 2410,000
WavesSGSWaves compatible SoundGrid Server 2U Rack Mount + License.8,000
WavesWSG-Y16Sound Grid YAGDI card for Yamaha Digital Consoles 3,000
WhirlwindAB-88 channel 2 > 1 or 1> 2Audio Switcher, , balanced line-level, manual / auto switching3,000
WhirlwindLD4104 Channel Balance <> Unbalanced Bidirectional level matcher with Level control2,500


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