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Yamaha and Clair Brothers power up Sandy Lam’s MMXII Beijing concert

Aug. 10, 2012, Chinese fomous pop singer Sandy Lam opened up her MMXII Beijing concert at Beijing Mastercard Center (formerly the Wukesong Arena). As one of the most influential artist in Chinese-speaking area, Sandy is well recognized and an evergreen singer in Chinese pop music world.

It is the first time for Yamaha CL5 to be used in the Chinese large-scale concert after its debut in March, 2012. “We used one Yamaha PM5D at FOH position,” said Mr. Song, “and as for the monitor, we also used two Yamaha digital consoles including a PM5D, which is for instruments monitoring, and a CL5 for Sandy’s ear monitoring operated by myself”. Song is very satisfied with the CL5, “CL5 is so familiar for me to use. In the rehearsal, we recalled Sandy’s most used EQ, and fine tuned parameters like EQ according to the musical accompaniment according to her requirements on site until she felt comfortable. CL5 is so convenient for this purpose. I even want to try CL’s new Neve compression effect though it had not been added in this concert. This show is also the first time for us to use CL as monitor concert, but I think CL5 can do far beyond that.

For sound reproduction, the main system consists of 24 Clair Brothers i218-Ms, with a total of 24 Clair Brothers i212-Ms on left and right as side fill. Sub-system include 16 iS218-Ms. 8 x FF2 full rang speaker are used to complement the sound coverage in the area in front of the stage lip. All the Clair Brothers speakers are powered by Clair PL10000/PL20000 digital amplifier, with 2 in/6 out Clair IO. The system was controlled by the Lake software, which makes the alignment more simple and easy. To ensure the best audio effect, Clair Brothers sent a senior audio specialist, Steve, to provide technical support on site.

Mr. Johnathan Wang, technical director from Digital Media Technology (DMT) was in charge of the product consultancy of the project. “We have wide cooperation with AHM. As a well-known company in the lighting and –sound industry in China, they have done many shows successfully including Sandy Lam’s touring in China. DMT provide the main console Yamaha PM5D and monitor console Yamaha PM5D+CL5 and all the Clair Brothers’ speakers to AHM. This show is really a top audiovisual showcase. We believe we will have more cooperation with AHM in the future.


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