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Clair Brothers continue to tour with Faye Wong in China

Chinese pop diva Faye Wong continues her legend with further concerts in Dalian, Hefei and Zhengzhou dated on May 12, 24 and June 8 respectively. All the concerts were reinforced by Clair Brothers i218-M as the main line array system. Reynyang from Taiwan were responsible for the installation of the reinforcement system.

The main system consists of twenty four Clair Brothers i218-Ms, with eight iS218-Ms stacked on each side of the stage. Because of the high performance of i218-M and iS218-M, it is no need to add extra sub-system.

The whole system was simulated using EASE FOCUS

The main console used as the MIDAS H2000 with one YAMAHA PM5D and one YAMAHA PM5DRH as monitor console for traditional instruments and electronic instruments respectively. The main system was powered by Clair-PLM 20K amplifiers.

As a top sound brand with a good reputation throughout the world, Clair Brothers enters China after 40 years professional experiences in the audio industry. Their systems have recently offered stunning performances in several large-scale shows including touring concerts of pop stars like MAYDAY and Eason Chan. Clair Brothers is dedicated to provide best audio experiences for the Chinese music fans.


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