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Clair Brothers help new Show Bar shine brightly in Foshan

Show Bar is an iconic club representing the most up-to-date fashion in Foshan’s expanding nightlife scene. It is a high-end entertainment bar that keeps a low profile yet still offers a luxurious style in the important economic city in Southern China’s, Guangdong province.

Show Bar places the importance of sound quality above all others and after extensive comparisons and listening tests, they chose Clair Brothers to deliver a non-compromise sound system for the venue.

Above the 500 sqm dance floor, twelve CAT114s in six groups were hung evenly on the left and right sides and with their unique coverage angle gave super uniformity and intelligibility throughout the venue. Extending the low frequencies below the full range CAT114s were twelve Clair Brothers CS218 dual 18” subwoofers, which, after precise calculations, were arranged in a way that can not only saved valuable space but also resolved the inherent phase problems of such a system. The CS218’s unique compact design and mid-low end characteristics were key to successfully implementing such a system.

The twelve CS218s offer astounding low-end power and dynamics and seamlessly combine with the CAT114 system to deliver an unsurpassed clarity and punch to the club’s sound system. In addition to the main system, twenty Clair Brothers R2D single 12” cabinets were also installed thoroughout the club to provide multi-zone fills. All speakers in the system were powered by Clair Brothers PLM-series power amplifiers each capable of providing up to 12000W in total so with this much power and control in reserve the reliability and clarity of the system is ensured.

Other audio equipments used in the system included a Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console and Sennheiser’s ew300 wireless mic system.

After Lang Lang Club, and the successful tours of Faye Wong, Sandy Lam, Eason Chan, MAYDAY and Dave Wang,Show Bar is yet another classic showcase for Clair Brothers in China. Clair Brothers invite you to witness the stunning sound for yourselves and to be a part of the new paradigm in the entertainment industry in China.


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