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Axia Audio & Telos Systems utilized in Metro Radio expansion

Metro Radio have recently completed their latest stage of expansion by adding a further two studios to their already extensive Axia Livewire network. The new studios are to cater for the increasing demands of their additional DAB+ channel allocation. Split across their two Hong Kong sites, the latest additions take the total number of studios utilizing the Axia Element console to nine – five at their Hong Kong Island site in The Centre, and four at their Whampoa Headquarters in Kowloon. The larger of the two studios is being used as a 24-hour music channel and includes a dedicated live lounge area where artists and musicians can perform acoustic-based live to air performances. The second smaller studio’s primary function is to provide production facilities but can also be utilized for on-air purposes if the need arises.

In parallel with the addition of the two new studios, Metro are also rolling out their new Telos VX VoIP-based phone system across both sites. The VX system allows office and studio phone systems to seamlessly co-exist on the same network to allow for unparalleled flexibility and control. Call screening can be handled externally using the office phone system and then handed over to the studio for putting on-air, or the office phones can be simply forwarded to the VX system so that call screening duties can be handled in-studio. And since all calls are handled digitally, caller sound quality is vastly improved.

Metro’s two sites are linked using a dedicated city-wide MetroNET WAN which allows the VoIP lines to be shared seamlessly between studios and with the addition of two Telos iPort Multichannel IP codecs, up to 8 channels of uncompressed full bandwidth stereo audio can be sent bi-directionally between the two sites with minimal latency.

Tim Chan, Director of Engineering at Metro Radio, commented, “Expanding our system using Livewire technology from Axia was easy and remarkably quick – adding the new studios was almost plug and play. And by integrating our phone systems with the Telos VX really means we are using IP and the Livewire system to its full potential.”


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