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Media Business Services complete expansion with Avid ICON and Dolby Atmos

Media Business Services have recently completed their expansion to brand new facilities in Kwun Tong with the opening of their flagship 150 square meter mixing stage. The large mixing stage utilizes the latest cutting edge technology Avid and Dolby and is one of the first five studios in the world to feature Dolby atmos monitoring and mixing facilities. The Dolby Atmos system used at MBS is a 31.3 multichannel audio system that represents the latest object-based mixing technology from Dolby to allow for a hyper-real, powerful and totally natural cinema experience that totally envelops the listener. The anticipation in the industry for this new technology has resulted in huge pent-up demand for new titles in the format meaning that, only a few weeks after opening, MBS have already completed the mixes for two films that have just been released with two more films due for release by the end of the year.

To handle the mixing duties for this new studio, MBS chose a 64 Fader Avid ICON D-Control ES system. The ICON system was chosen for the way it streamlines their workflow by seamlessly synchronizing multiple ProTools systems to allow for the vast amount of channels required for this new object-based mixing format. Kinson Tsang, owner and chief engineer at MBS, commented, “Typically, for a large 7.1 mix around 200-300 tracks are required at any one time. However, for the recent atmos mixes I did here we were typically exceeding 400 tracks in order to provide the separation and control for the different audio objects required in this new format. No other system can provide such a cost-effective and simple solution to handle this amount of tracks. ICON was the obvious choice for us.”

In addition to their Dolby Atmos mixing room, the new facility is completed by two recording rooms, two FX editing rooms, one smaller mixing room and a DVD mastering room all networked together with a custom designed fiber network and a vast amount of high-speed dedicated storage. The network is a cross-platform system allowing both Mac and Windows-based ProTools systems to co-exist and allows for a very fast end-to-end production from pre-production to final release.


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