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Vizrt releases newsroom workflow with Escenic Content Engine 5.5

Vizrt released today the latest version of their content management platform, Escenic Content Engine 5.5. This release includes several new features for managing content including integration with newsroom systems such as AP's ENPS and Avid's iNews. Other new features include improved search layout, section management in Escenic Content Studio and collection fields.

A new TV journalist workflow

The Escenic Content Engine 5.5 release includes a plugin that allows the journalist to publish directly from their newsroom control systems such as AP's ENPS and Avid's iNews. This puts editorial control of the broadcaster's online presence directly in the hands of the TV journalists, creating an efficient workflow that will get the news story online as fast as possible. Combined with the Viz Content Pilot newsroom solution, the journalist edit graphics, video, text, and images to be used in a broadcast while simultaneously sending all content online without having to learn a new workflow or leaving the newsroom control system.

This advancement in integration between online and on-air was first displayed at IBC 2012 where news organizations were given a sneak peek at the plugin's capabilities. There was immediate excitement over the possibilities this brings the broadcaster for expanding and monetizing their brand further online.

Finding the right content as quickly as possible is a key element in producing a news story for breaking news. A strongly enhanced search presentation make it easier to find the assets you're looking for in a flash. An important improvement is the sorting of search results in Escenic Content Studio 5.5, giving many more options in restructuring the results.

Section management
Sections can now be managed directly from Escenic Content Studio – Vizrt's front-end application for managing online content. This feature simplifies the task of creating new sections or main groups of content for a web site.

Atom-driven collection fields
With the new collection field introduced in Escenic Content Engine 5.5, developers have an easy means of integrating information published as Atom feeds into Vizrt publications.

For a full list of new features see the release notes.

Escenic Content Engine and Escenic Content Studio are part of the Vizrt Online Suite which manages text, images, audio files, video clips, and all other digital assets that are used on a modern website. The system not only stores the content and provides delivery to multiple channels, but also provides APIs and back-end functionality.

Escenic Content Engine is the core of the Vizrt Online Suite and serves as both a full-featured content repository and as a high performance content delivery system.


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