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CCTV & DMT cooperate for new audio post production system integration

China Central TV continues their cooperation with DMT to design and establish two 80 sqm post-production recording studios, four 30 sqm post-production recording studios and two news post production systems at its new site.

The audio network production system at CCTV’s new site is an important sub-network of the whole station production system. It is not only a relatively independent audio production island, but also a significant node to keep good communication throughout the whole network. The system required the use of top-brand audio processing equipment that complies with the highest industry standards to ensure that the system is highly reliability, offers powerful processing as well as a user-friendly interface and workflow. DMT worked closely with CCTV and designed a complete audio system dedicated for its new site audio network.

The post-production recording studio provides supports to all program-editing departments, incl. post-production for documentaries, animations, dubbed films and feature programs. The system supports non-linear audio editing production and can be seamlessly connected to the production system of the non-news program category. It can also share all the materials and sessions throughout the network. Its simple structure provides recording engineers the most convenient way of working, increasing efficiency and program quality.

Many top brands for broadcast and production audio were used in the system, incl. Avid D-control consoles, Protools HD-2 workstations, DPA microphones, Avalon preamps, Sennheiser microphones, Fostex monitor speakers, Focusrite processors, all of which are fully endorsed by CCTV.

The reason CCTV chose DMT as the system integrator and provider for the project was that DMT has focused on broadcast and production audio for more than 20 years and was also one of the first companies who worked with CCTV. DMT’s rich experience and strong ability in system design and integration convinced CCTV to continue the cooperation.

DMT commits to bring more comprehensive services and cutting-edge technologies to the Chinese broadcasting industry in the future.


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