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Clair Brothers used on Eason Chan's Duo tour in China

Pop icon Eason Chan continued his Duo tour concert in Chengdu city on 16th June 2012. The show promoter AMC chose a Clair Brothers line array purchased from DMT as the main system for the concert again. The back stage system was installed by Taiwan’s Reynyan Sound Company, while the front of house system was handled by AMC. Famous sound engineer Mr. Frankie Hung from Hong Kong was the live sound engineer for the show while Clair Brothers’s Steve McCale, Joe Dougherty and Wayne Grosser were on site for technical support and system alignment. Clair Brother’s president, Barry Clair also joined the show.

A total of twenty-eight Clair Brothers i218-Ms were used for the main line array, the left and right side fill system consisted of sixteen Clair Brothers i212-Ms and low end was handled by sixteen iS218-M sub woofers. Reynyang provided their own RY R1 line array for further audience fills. Additionally, Reynyang decided to prepare sixteen EV dual 18” sub-woofers to backup the Clair system. The system was powered by Clair Brothers PLM20000 amplifiers with integrated Lake processors and was managed by Lake control software making the alignment much simpler and clearer.

After inspecting the venue carefully, Clair Brother’s engineering team commented, ”the architectural acoustics of the stadium are not ideal. Firstly, there is a huge LED wall at the rear of the venue, and because the main line array has to cover the whole audience area, including audiences 170 meters away, it’s very difficult to avoid reflections from this wall. Another problem is that the roof height and audience seating on the left and right is not symmetrical and there are many plastic seats, causing further problems with reflections. The architectural acoustics of this venue were not really designed for live performances, but we will try our best to accomplish the task.” After collecting information such as hanging points of the main and side fill systems, the FOH position, stage, audiences as well as the requirements of the sound engineer, the Clair team provided an optimized system installation plan.

The team established a simulated model of the stadium using EaseFocus and in order to achieve consistent sound coverage for both sides of the venue, Steve and Reynyang’s engineers decided to use different plan to hang the side fill speakers on the left and right side of the stage.

Yamaha PM5Ds were used as the FOH and monitor consoles, while six NEXO PS15s were used as the on-stage monitor system. The band was miked with Shure microphones, while a Sennheiser 5000 series with KK105 capsule was used for Eason’s vocal.

Reynyang’s engineers were very impressed by the Clair team, “It’s so easy for them to do the alignment, just take their touchscreen notebook with them and walk around the venue and use the Lake management software to control the input and outputs, crossover points, delays, limiting, EQ and amplifier status. All from one intuitive display!”

FOH engineer Frankie Hung arrived after the initial system alignment and after listening to the main system and discussing with the Reynyang and Clair team, he decided to remove the sixteen EV dual 18” subwoofers. “Sixteen Clair Brothers iS218-Ms coupled with the twenty four i218-Ms dual 18” line array were more than enough for the show, we don’t need any more subwoofers!” Frankie said.

AMC have been very satisfied with the reliability and consistency of Clair Brother system in recent shows. AMC, Reynyang, Clair Brothers and DMT held a joint press conference on 14th June 2012 and officially announced a partnership between the companies. At the party a number of top class live performances from international artists were in the line up with the main sound reinforcement, handled by Clair Brothers i212-M +iS218-M, leaving a deep impression on the press and audiences.


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